My Bognor basketball project is not just about sport

My name is David Morgan and I’m the founder of Growth Sports Development LTD and our developing non-profit arm GSD Basketball.

Sunday, 19th May 2019, 9:30 am
One of the trial sessions

I’m a young and enthusiastic basketball coach who grew up playing and coaching in Bognor under Kev Robbins under the incredible system that he previously had in place.

Basketball for me was not only the sport I loved but the platform on which I developed a confidence and tenacity that still serves me well to this day.

Kev Robbins not only taught us how to play basketball – more importantly he guided us and helped us to become productive members of society.

With the amount of negative environmental pulls within the area I believe it’s incredibly important for children to be a part of something positive.

For this reason, I have a number of club rules and values for my junior players centered around positivity, self-development and helping others.

I’m currently assembling three basketball teams for next season ranging from juniors to men; the most exciting of which being a division four men’s national league team.

Open try-outs for both the men’s national and men’s development team have been held over four weeks at The Arena sports centre in Bognor.

Now teams will be selected and we’ll begin our intense summer training.

Over the next year I plan to train and develop an entire team of in-house coaches, referees and officials; providing a hands-on opportunity for local basketball fans to get involved and be a part of what we’re trying to achieve.

It’s my initial goal to re-establish Bognor as the respected basketball hub that it formally was. Once this is achieved, the sky’s the limit!

Should anyone wish to contact me regarding questions or queries or simply like to remain up to date with our latest news, please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] – or alternatively you can find me on all social media @coachdavegsd

Any local players who believe they could offer something to the team but were unable to attend the trial period should contact me.