Captains, secretaries and ladies step up to oche in Bognor

The Bognor Tuesday Double In Double Out League captains and secretaries knockout and ladies knockout took place at Newtown Social Club.

Sunday, 28th April 2019, 10:00 am
Captains & Secretaries knockout winners Lee Hellyer and Alex Norgett

The ladies knockout had 11 players stepping up, and in the first semi-final Rachel Hall (Newtown Raiders) lost to Hayley Gatford (Hunston Club). In the second, Emma Hackett (Newtown Raiders) beat Mary-Jane Todd (Richmond).

The best-of-five-legs final began with Gatford winning the bullseye, but both players had a good start. Gatford won the the first leg with a double five.

Leg two went to Hackett despite a ton from Gatford. Gatford started well in the third and after a close battle she hit double two to take the leg.

In the fourth, Gatford took the lead but Hackett hit 121 to leave a chance. But Gatford hit the double with her second dart, taking the Double-In Double-Out ladies’ knockout title.

The captains and secretaries knockout involved 12 teams and was played in a World Cup format, where the captains play each other in a best-of-three-legs game, then the secretaries in the same, and in the event of a 1-1 draw, a sudden death pairs game was to be played.

The preliminary round’s highlights included a 120 in-shot from Gary English (Cabin) , 112 from Andy Stubbs (Hunston Club) and 112 by Ian Hackett (Newtown Raiders).

Over-60s and ladies take Friday night honoursGrand Slam glory for BlackwoodThe first semi-final saw last year’s champions Wayne Wadsworth and Jack Danahar (QE2 Cobras)beat Peter Hall & Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club).

In the second Adam Judd and Alex Richardson (Friary Blues) lost to Alex Norgett and Lee Hellyer (Legends ‘X’).

The final started with a best-of-five-legs affair between Wadsworth and Norgett.

In the first leg Wadsworth hit a 120 in-shot and a 102 out-shot for a 21 dart leg. The second leg saw Wadsworth take the win in 19 darts.

In leg three, Norgett hit a ton but Wadsworth hit double six for a 3-0 captains’ win.

The ‘best-of-five-legs’ secretaries game started with Hellyer hitting treble 15, single one and double two for the first leg. Hellyer struck double two to take the second leg.

Danahar finally found form in leg three, winning it in 20 darts. Hellyer won the match, though, with a 104 shot-out in the fourth leg, taking the overall match to a sudden-death pairs leg.

Norgett hit 96, followed by and 81 and 125 from Hellyer, who then missed double top for a 112 out-shot. But with their opponents still nowhere near the finish he hit the double, making him and Norgett from the Legends X the Double-In Double-Out captains and secretaries knockout champions.