Danahar's darts delight after Grand Slam win

The new Pete May Grand Slam knockout took place at the Newtown Social Club.

Sunday, 1st April 2018, 10:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:46 am
Grand Slam runner-up Ben Lubbe with winner Jack Danahar

The team knockout has been replaced by the Grand Slam knockout and 41 players competed.

Nine preliminary matches took place and a few surprise results dumped out some of the expected winners. A 180 came from Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club) in his win over team-mate Hayley Gatford, who managed a 120 in-shot. Rob Palmer got the highest in-shot with 160 in his win over Dave Bourne (Friary Arms).

The first round saw a 180 from Ashley Clements (The Hoffs) in his win over team-mate Mike Few and a ton-plus out-shot from Stuart Gray (The Hoffs) to sneak the win over league chairman Ian Hackett (Newtown Raiders).

The second round saw Gray come up against a 134 in-shot from Rachel Hall (Richmond Arms), but Gray won.

Round three saw Richard Ragless (QE2) take out Gray, Ben Lubbe (Friary Arms) beat Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club), Andy Cooper (Cabin Cruisers) defeat Ashley Clements (The Hoffs) and Jack Danahar (QE2) triumph over Ian Kewin (Pier Bar).

The first semi-final saw Lubbe take on Cooper. Cooper won the bull to start first, but Lubbe started with 80 and followed with a 100, 140 and 119, going on to take the leg.

In leg two, 140 from Lubbe, followed by 114 and double ten was all he needed to get to the final.

The second semi-final saw Danahar against Ragless. Danahar took the first leg and led in the second before wrapping up his spot in the final with double 14.

The ‘best-of-five’ final saw Lubbe win the bullseye and lead nearly all the way to the double, hitting double ten for the leg.

The second leg saw a quick win from Danahar and leg three involved Danahar missing double 16 for a 106 out-shot, but finishing the leg with his next throw.

In the fourth leg, Danahar missed the first in-shot, but with 67 left, he hit single 17, single 18 and double 16 to take the leg, becoming the first Pete May Grand Slam champion.