Weight Watchers programme sees Bognor duo drop combined weight of more than nine stone

A Bognor Regis duo have gained both confidence and health through incredible combined weight loss of nine stone.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 3:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 8:27 am
Gill before her weightloss
Gill before her weightloss

Gill Cooper, 54 and daughter Helen Cooper, 30, made the decision to join Weight Watchers (WW) at the beginning of the year and today are standing proud having smashed their targets.

Gill had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and only three weeks into the pairs journey Helen’s partner proposed, with both reasons in mind the pairs purpose was immediately obvious and with great determination came great results.

The programme is based around a ‘SmartPoints’ system, which is designed to encourage participants to enjoy food with freedom and providing members the skills to shift their mind set.

Weight watchers member gill

Earlier on in the year Gill took part in the ‘WW 5K My Way’ where WW members are encouraged to participate in 5K walks, jogs and bike rides.

Gill said: “I have always been overweight, but at the start of the year I was the heaviest I had been and my health was starting to suffer.

“I actually managed to jog the WW 5K My Way without getting breathless, and this has inspired me to continue with exercise.”

At the WW North Bersted Studio, Gill and Helen learnt new healthy eating habits whilst still enjoying their food.

Helen before her weightloss

Helen said: “I had been feeling really unhappy with the way that I looked. I needed to change my lifestyle to help with my confidence but also my health.

“My eating habits have changed drastically. I’ve discovered a new love of cooking - I cook lots of fresh, healthy meals from recipe books instead of having processed foods.”

Throughout their journey, Gill and Helen have been supported by their Wellness Coaches Sarah Bell and Kay Dixon.

Sarah said: “I am incredibly proud of Gill and Helen. It’s been lovely to watch them grow in confidence, and as they continue to attend our workshops, we will keep supporting and encouraging them to continue with the fantastic work they’ve has done so far to ensure they will stay on track and take control of their goals for good.”

WW member Helen now

For further information on the WW programme Gill and Helen took part in visit https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/.