'˜Total waste of money': Observer readers react to Felpham roundabout plans

Planned junction improvement works for Felpham this month have been branded a '˜total waste of money' by Observer readers.

Friday, 4th January 2019, 11:18 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 3:07 pm

According to the West Sussex County Council, a new mini roundabout is to be built to help drivers exit a side road at the Summerley Lane/Felpham Way junction. Read more here.

A county council spokesman said this junction was identified as ‘needing improvement’ by Felpham county councillor Hilary Flynn and the parish council.

However, a number of Observer readers have asked why the works, which the county council claim will cost about £140k, are not being made at ‘death trap’ Comet Corner or the Oyster Catcher junctions.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Ann Hulston wrote: “[It is a] total waste of money and will only cause traffic holdups.

“As my husband and I have to exit Yapton Road across Comet Corner four times a day we feel, this would be a much more serious need of the money spent.”

Sharon Aisthorpe agreed. She said: “Comet Corner scares the hell out of me and I try to avoid [it] as much as I can.”

Similarly, Tracy Merrett asked: “Is it really needed there now? Thought the new road would have improved things.

“The funds would be better spent locating one at Comet corner as it is a much busier and dangerous junction.”

Claire Gettings said a roundabout is more needed at Comets Corner, because it is an ‘utter death trap’.

Coral Beed said the Summerley Lane/Felpham Way junction ‘hasn’t been a problem since the new road opened’.

She added: “I have to use the Comet Corner junction everyday and it’s unbelievably dangerous. Something needs to be done about it.”

Nickie Pettitt suggested the Oyster Catcher junction would be another more suitable location. She wrote: “Six people have died at the Oyster Catcher junction haven’t they? Wouldn’t the money be better spent there?”

Nigel Brown agreed. He said: “Not needed at all!! Oyster Catcher junction needs it more.”

James Ware said both the Comet Corner and Oyster Catcher junctions ‘deserve to be higher up the priority list’.

Nikki Kenchington joined the debate. She wrote: “Waste of money, our money. Do we get a say in what we want!!??”

However, reactions were not all negative. Nicki Vincent said: “Excellent news. Could do with restricted parking down Summerley Lane too, or parking on part of King George.”

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