Arun planning applications: Here’s the latest list of submissions across the district

The following planning applications have been submitted to Arun District Council between November 19-26.

Friday, 26th November 2021, 2:57 pm


AW/386/21/T: 23 Margaret Close. Fell 1 No. Corsican pine tree (T1).

AW/384/21/HH: 12 Aldwick Place. Erection of side infill extension to create garage, front porch extension and conversion of existing garage to habitable use.

Locations of the planning applications submitted across the Arun district between November 19-26. Photo: Google Maps


A/237/21/HH: Old Pines, 28 East Drive. Single storey front extension.

A/238/21/HH: Links Cottage, Ham Manor Way. Erection of single storey side infill extension.

A/243/21/HH: 23 Lansdowne Road. Erection of single storey rear extension following the demolition of existing rear extension.

A/242/21/HH: 16 Greenacres Ring. Single storey rear extension.


AB/138/21/L: Town Hall, Maltravers Street. Listed building consent for the over coating of the existing lead roof to provide a limited life span water proof coating to preserve the existing roof structure and the rooms below. Insertion of ventilation to the perimeter and ridge including two number inspection hatches. Installation of man safe to permit safe access to the roof areas.

AB/134/21/HH: 11 Wheelwrights Close. Installation of 5 triple glazed windows. (This application may affect the character and appearance of the Arundel Conservation Area).

Barnham & Eastergate

BN/147/21/OUT: Land West of Fontwell Avenue, Fontwell. Outline application with all matters reserved (except access) for the erection of up to 8 No. dwellings. This application also lies within the parish of Aldingbourne. This application is a Departure from the Development Plan.

BN/150/21/HH: 1 Bateson Way, Barnham. Erection of single storey rear extension.


BE/163/21/PL: 22 Osprey Gardens. Erection of 1 No. dwelling. This site is in CIL Zone 4 and is CIL Liable as a new dwelling.

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Bognor Regis

BR/259/21/PL: Regis Lodge, 3 Gloucester Road. Proposed change of use from C1 Guest House to 9 Bed. HMO (Sui generis) including internal and minor external alterations.

BR/262/21/A: 1 London Road. Installation of 3 x externally illuminated fascia signs and 1 x internally illuminated hanging sign.


CM/67/21/HH: 1 New Thatched Cottages, Climping Street, Littlehampton. Rear extension and alterations.


FP/234/21/PL: 125A Felpham Way. Change of use from cycle shop to beauty treatment services.

FP/240/21/T: 48 Roundle Avenue. Reduce 2 No. Ash trees (T1 and T2) by 2m to leave height 10m and spread 10m.

FP/247/21/A: 26 Felpham Road. Installation of 1 No. externally illuminated fascia sign.

FP/246/21/PL: 26 Felpham Road. Change of Use from retail shop to cafe, including installation of new external kitchen extract duct and bifold doors. This application is in CIL Zone 4 (zero rated) as other development.

FP/250/21/HH: 11 Roundle Square Road. Conversion of loft to habitable use including the installation of 2 x side dormers.


FG/178/21/HH: 12 Colindale Road North. Erection of two storey side extension, front porch extension and conversion of loft to habitable use including 1no. rear dormer.

FG/196/21/HH: 9 Telgarth Road. Erection of single storey side infill and rear extension, hip to gable roof extension to include 2 x side dormers, installation of front porch canopy and alterations to fenestration/openings.

FG/203/21/PL: 4 Sea Lane. Erection of 1 No. 2 bed single storey dwelling to rear of existing dwelling (Resubmission of previously approved FG/168/18/PL). This application is in CIL Zone 4 and is CIL liable as new dwelling.

FG/207/21/T: 258 Goring Way. 1 No. Holm Oak tree (T1) - Reduce height by approx.1m to leave min top height 14m; reduce radial spread on West aspect by approx. 1m to leave minimum of 5m when measured from the centre of main stem; reduce radial spread on East aspect by approx. 2m to leave a minimum of 8m. when measured from measured of main stem.


LU/359/21/PL: 18-22 East Street. Change of use from C2 residential to an HMO (Sui Generis) (resubmission following LU/124/21/PL). This application may affect the setting of a listed building and may affect the East Street, Littlehampton Conservation Area.

LU/369/21/RES: Central Wetland Area, Hampton Park, Toddington Lane. Approval of reserved matters following outline consent LU/47/11/ (amended under LU/182/15/PL) for the main on-site infrastructure at Hampton Park and encompasses: 1) the Central Wetland Area, 2) the main spine road and crossing structures & 3) the SUDs features.

LU/364/21/HH: 23 Blakehurst Way. Erection of single storey rear extension following the demolition of existing rear conservatory.


M/141/21/HH: Briarfield, Ancton Lane. Erection of two storey rear extension, front porch extension, installation of 1 x side dormer and alterations to fenestration following the demolition of existing rear conservatory.


P/158/21/RES: Land West of Pagham Road. Approval of reserved matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) following outline consent P/140/16/OUT for the ‘local centre’ parcel which comprises of retail, community and commercial uses, 20 No residential apartments and a 70 bed care home (alternative scheme to P/155/21/RES).

P/159/21/PL: 253-255 Inglenook Hotel, Pagham Road. Variation and removal of conditions imposed under P/58/19/PL for the variation of condition 2-plans condition & 16-external lighting of roads & footpaths & removal of conditions 11-footpath access through Hotel site & 13-signage of vehicular access previously proposed.


R/259/21/HH: 7 Milton Close. Erection of single storey side/rear extension with skylight and replace front door with window following the demolition of existing rear extension.

R/279/21/HH: Spindrift, The Roundway. Erection of single storey rear extension, partial conversion of garage to habitable use, extend front porch with pitched roof, new pitched roof over existing front flat roof. Alterations to fenestration/openings, render to elevations and new roof covering.

R/281/21/HH: 15 Ruston Park. Alterations to existing dormer and garage including extension to front of garage.


WA/108/21/HH: Duntroon, Avisford Park Road. Erection of single storey side/rear extension.

WA/109/21/T: Walberton Park, The Street. 1 No. English Oak tree (T1) - crown lift to 4.5m above ground level and 13 No. Lime trees (G1) - crown lift to 5m above ground level.

WA/110/21/HH: Midway, Avisford Park Road. Single storey rear extension.

WA/113/21/T: 18 Hunters Mews. 1 No. Ash tree (T1) - Reduce height by approx.1m leaving a minimum of 11m top height and reduce radial spread by approx. 1m leaving a minimum of 3m.


Y/134/21/HH: 3 Cherry Avenue. Single storey, part two storey rear extension.


For more information about the planning applications below visit the Arun District Council website.