Arun Lib Dems: Bognor Regis in desperate need of change

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By Arun Liberal Democrats

Locally the Liberal Democrats are the main opposition group challenging the Conservatives majority in Bognor Regis. The size of the current Conservative majority means all decisions are made by a select few senior Conservatives.

As the Labour party has no District Councillors this really is a two horse race, and vote for them will simply mean the Conservatives have a better chance at maintaining the status quo.

The issues of over development of local farmland, stalled regeneration and the Conservatives plan to destroy the Sunken Gardens in Bognor Regis are the big issues facing local people at this set of local elections.

Conservative controlled Arun, chose to allocate 2,500 houses to be built off Chalcraft Lane and another 1,200 in Pagham. Liberal Democrats have consistently fought against this and put a proposal forward at Arun to remove the housing from Bersted & Pagham, sadly the Conservatives voted this down.

The Liberal Democrats understand housing is important but it has to be affordable. Housing also needs appropriate school places, Doctors surgeries and parking. All of which the Conservatives are turning a blind eye to.

If the Liberal Democrats were the controlling group at Arun District Council, we would:

Transfer ownership of the Town Hall and other local amenities from Arun to the people of Bognor Regis, through the town council and other community groups

Have a regeneration strategy that focuses on making the most of our seafront and promenade.

Reverse the decision to destroy the sunken gardens and refurbish them instead

Preserve and enhance our town’s Heritage assets.

Make planning decisions more local

Invest more in day centre activities for the elderly

Invest in antisocial behaviour prevention

The councillors elected on May 2nd, will serve for four years, Bognor Regis is in desperate need of change, please demand better and support the Liberal Democrats!

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the district in the lead up to the Arun District Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.