Bicycle joy spurs Alfie into helping children in Bognor

A little boy's joy at his first bike has inspired him to help other children in the community.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 10:23 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:44 am
Alfie Spencer with mum Tracy (centre) and the rest of his support team at Alfies Tricycle. Picture: Kate Shemilt

Alfie Spencer grew so quickly it was hard to find him toys that fit him for years.

He didn’t find a bike until last year because of a kind stranger.

Mum Tracy, who lives with Alfie in Westergate, said: “He never got to really join in.

“We put him in one of those coupe cars and he got stuck and got really sad. He was only three.

“One day I saw on Facebook there was a cycle shop in Littlehampton that had been donated a bicycle that it had to give to somebody who really needed it.

“He absolutely burst when he went into the shop.

“Alfie got on it and pedalled away.”

Now Alfie and his mum, along with a couple of others, have set up Alfie’s Tricycle to try and help other children in Bognor and the surrounding community.

Alfie, who has autism, loves being involved with the new venture and personally hands the gifts over to the children.

Just recently the group has put money into a fund for speech therapy for a local girl who cannot talk to her mum.

Do you have an item you can donate to Alfie’s Tricycle or a donation? Contact Tracy at [email protected]