REVIEW: A 13 year old’s take on Mr Popper’s Penguins (PG)

Mr Poppers Penguins is a heart-warming tale for all the family and is about a stressed, divorced businessman named Tom Popper (Jim Carrey) who is desperately trying to edge his way closer to a promotion.

In order to get this he does absolutely anything (even if that means ignoring his kids), but when he receives a box filled with six penguins who he, unknowingly, inherited from his late father, things begin to dramatically change for him and all of his family as he tries to raise the penguins and prevent them from falling into the clutches of the New York Zoo.

Mr Popper’s Penguins is funny, silly and utterly brilliant!

Jim Carrey is perfect for the main role and even if you despise his crazy antics and silly faces in previous films, such as Liar Liar or Ace Ventura, you will still adore this film.

Also, look out for Mr Popper’s assistant who speaks every single word beginning with the letter “p”. At the end, this is quite comical as she meets a man who does the same thing but with the letter “q”.

Although at times a predictable storyline, it is still enjoyable.

You, your kids, friends, wives/husbands, mums/dads, next door neighbour’s cat will all love Mr Popper’s Penguins.

This is a definite 8/10.