FILM: May I Kill U? (15)

Stuart Urban directs this jet-black comedy starring Kevin Bishop, Jack Doolan and Frances Barber.

Baz aka Barry Vartis is a model police officer who patrols the streets of London on his trusty bicycle. As riots break out in the capital,

Baz is caught in the melee and suffers a severe head trauma which drastically alters his personality.

No longer a devoted public servant, Baz becomes a blood-crazed vigilante, who politely asks criminals, “May I kill you?” before despatching them for their heinous crimes.

The slaughter is captured on his helmet camera and Baz uploads these gruesome incidents to social networks under the screen name @N4cethelaw.

Gradually, Baz gains a devoted following who flock to his online postings.

However, his one-man crusade to clean the streets of degenerates leads to an ill-fated encounter with a relative of one of his victims that changes the public’s perception of him forever.

Released: January 11 (UK, selected cinemas), 87 mins