FILM: Hollow (15)

Emma (Emily Plumtree) and her fiance Scott (Matt Stokoe) are looking forward to their wedding day but they are acutely aware that good friends James (Sam Stockman) and Lynn (Jessica Ellerby) are not so blessed.

Their relationship is faltering badly, stemming in part from James’s childhood crush on Emma. When Emma’s grandfather passes away, she decides to take Scott to inspect the old man’s remote cottage and they invite James and Lynn to join them on the expedition into the countryside.

The travellers learn about an abandoned monastery and a hollowed-out old tree steeped in myth. Intrigued yet sceptical about the bloody legend, Emily, Scott, James and Lynn decide to test the supernatural power of the tree by filming events on their cameras.

Alas, the two couples soon discover that the tall tales may not be as far-fetched as they originally thought.

Michael Axelgaard’s film is released simultaneously on DVD and Blu-ray.

Released: January 25 (UK, selected cinemas), 91 mins