FILM: Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (Cert TBC)

For almost 60 years, Michigan-born filmmaker Roger Corman has been a beacon of low-budget creativity and invention in the industry, directing and producing hundreds of films that have launched the careers of some of Hollywood’s great talents behind and in front of the camera.

Documentary filmmaker Alex Stapleton pays tribute to his longevity in this affectionate portrait, which explores how Corman has pushed the boundaries of independent film-making and survived in a cut-throat business where so many others have perished.

The film includes interviews with some of the people who have worked with him such as directors Paul WS Anderson, Peter Bogdanovich, Ron Howard, Eli Roth and Martin Scorsese and actors Robert De Niro, Peter Fonda, Pam Grier, Jack Nicholson and William Shatner.

Released: February 21 (UK, selected cinemas), 95 mins