FILM: Bullhead (Rundskop) (15)

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Belgium’s official entry as Best Foreign Language Film at last year’s Oscars is a slow-burning thriller about a cattle farmer who becomes embroiled in murder and deceit.

Jacky Vanmarsenille (Matthias Schoenaerts) enters into the shady world of illegal drug supplements for his cattle, injecting the beasts with steroids to rapidly increase their growth while avoiding detention by the authorities.

The dodgy deal becomes increasingly complicated when Jacky learns one of the men involved in the scheme is his schooldays nemesis, Diederik (Jeroen Perceval), whose cruelty scarred the farmer for life.

Memories of the past compel Jacky to seek out the people who tainted his childhood and to lay to rest the ghosts of the past forever.

Released: February 1 (UK, selected cinemas), 129 mins