FILM: American Mary (18)

Girls just wanna have flesh-ripping fun in American Mary, a blood-drenched cautionary tale of female empowerment that begs fascinating questions about the nature of true beauty in a youth-obsessed modern society.

Canadian siblings Jen and Sylvia Soska - aka The Twisted Twins - come on leaps and bounds from their low-budget debut Dead Hooker In A Trunk, showing admirable restraint with the gore as their plucky heroine, gifted surgical student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle), uses her medical expertise to modify and enhance the physical attributes of clientele who orbit a sleazy strip club run by Billy Barker (Antonio Cupo).

Isabelle’s impressive lead performance exposes the woodenness of the supporting cast but the script is solid throughout and the tone remains deliciously dark and demented.

Released: January 11 (UK, selected cinemas), 100 mins