DVD review: Mirror Mirror, (PG), (106 minutes), released on DVD on July 30.

In the big-screen battle of the Snow Whites this summer, it’s definitely Snow White And The Huntsman that wins with its more vigorous pleasures.

But the chocolate-box Mirror Mirror – just about to come out on DVD – still offers plenty of reasons to watch.

Snow White And The Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart as a feisty SW hurtles down the epic action adventure route.

Pitching itself perfectly for that Christmas Day tea-time slot, Mirror Mirror is happy to let a fairy tale remain a fairy tale, with the result that it often sinks into a Disney-style blandness.

Nathan Lane as the bumbling courtier Brighton is a particular irritation – nowhere near as funny as the film likes to think he is.

And maybe it’s a mistake to give Julia Roberts as the evil Queen a kind of panto badness which means she’s never terribly threatening, no matter how much she tries to snarl.

Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) is a bit of a cardboard cut-out utility Prince; and Lily Collins is a frankly a drip as Snow White, hardly “roaring into action” as the publicity promises.

But somehow it sustains interest, thanks to some impressive settings and a decent injection of pace and life from director Tarsem Singh.

Overall, it’s a fairly tame affair, but at least it looks nice.

Kristen Stewart’s Snow White would probably give you Christmas Day indigestion as she hares around all over the place and duffs up foul beasties.

Mirror Mirror, much less demanding in every respect, will let you drift off nicely to wherever you want to go.

Phil Hewitt