REVIEW: An Eligible Man, Connaught Theatre, Worthing

LIGHT hearted comedy giving hope to ladies of a certain age, An Eligible Man brings a touch of homour to the Connaught Theatre stage this week.

Many in the audience clearly found opening night on Tuesday (April 17) hilarious, rocking in their chairs as bereaved Judge Charles Castlemain attracted the eye of not one, not two but three attractive women who seemed keen to be his next wife.

John D Collins was rather brash as Castlemain and I found it utterly unconvincing that these women would be throwing themselves at him, especially when each was aware of the other and seemed quite happy about his dalliances.

I didn’t find it that funny, either, though Carol Harrison raised the odd smile as Lucille Moss, with her tight clothes, heavy make-up and bouffant hair.

There was more of a wry smile on my lips when it became clear Castlemain’s “perfect” marriage of 35 years may not have been that perfect after all – at least that was believable!

But it is only fair to repeat that many of the audience were clearly thoroughly enjoying it so perhaps you have to be a lady of a certain age to appreciate it.

An Eligible Man runs until Saturday, April 21, at 7.30pm daily, with a Saturday matinée at 2.30pm.

By Elaine Hammond