A slice of life Tudor style

To mark the first drama production within its new venue, the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth is showcasing a specially-commissioned promenade performance called War Games.

The play is in association with Cop the Needle Productions, a Portsmouth-based theatre company.

The performance will consist of four mini-plays that will take place at multiple points around the museum, with scenes imagining 
characters and events from the day of the sinking of the Mary Rose.

The event promises to bring the story of the Mary Rose to life against a spectacular and atmospheric backdrop.

Performances will take place on March 6 at 7pm, and tickets are available online at £12 (plus booking fee) at maryrose.org/wargamestickets

War Games takes its inspiration from the Cowdray engraving, which depicts the sinking of the Mary Rose at the fateful Battle of the Solent on the July 19 1545.

The engraving shows the English and French fleets in preparation for battle and the play will endeavour to capture a slice of Tudor life through focusing on characters in the foreground of the painting.

It is hoped the live interpretation of Portsmouth’s Tudor characters in situ will bring another dimension to local visitors and 
emphasise the importance of the Mary Rose.