Bosham’s jazz stars will be smuggling in their own crowd at Brighton gig

Bosham’s Jazz Smugglers band are keen to take their home crowd with them when they play the Brighton Fringe.

Particularly welcome will be anyone who can help on the door on the night (Sunday, May 6)

Band leader John Winkler said: “My real major outstanding problem is to get two people to help at the door. Obviously anyone volunteering can come in for free.

“We will also let anyone else from Chichester area who reads the Observer come as our band guests - two for the price of one (£5 each instead of £10 each). They just need to email me at”

The gig, offering a new show for the band, will be in the Friends Meeting House in The Lanes.

John explains: “Jazz Smugglers play Gershwin and Friends will be based upon the music of great songwriters such as Geoge Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers and Duke Ellington.

“Between them they wrote songs which have lasted for seven decades, such A Foggy Day, Summertime, All The Things You Are, Night And Day, My Funny Valentine.

“Jerome Kern hated jazz but we are going to play him anyway because we love his songs.

“His tunes such as All The Things You Are have become jazz standards. Jerome Kern was one of the most prolific theatre music writers ever. He introduced 4/4 rhythms, he was one of the pioneers of syncopation which led to jazz, and he used jazz progressions, but he hated it when jazz musicians played his songs with all their improvisations. Yet he was born as long ago as 1885.

“We love the songs, they are amongst the worlds finest. They’ll be played for another 100 years. At the show there will be a bit of background chat about each of the composers.”

Last year, the Jazz Smugglers completed a unique succession of Sussex festival appearances including the Chichester Festivities, the Chichester Real Ale And Jazz Festival and the Brighton, Arundel, Selsey and Petworth festivals.

Tickets £10 at the door, or from the Fringe Box Office or the Fringe website.

The line up is: Andrew Batchelar on alto sax; John Howes on baritone sax;

Mike Birch on trumpet; Philip Gaillard on guitar; John Winkler on keyboard; Vic Crowley on bass; Robert Savary on drums; Maria Ball vocals.