REVIEW: The Rocky Horror Show, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, until February 27.

Maybe on second viewing, The Rocky Horror Show seems a little less like gate-crashing someone else’s party.

But probably, it’s only when you are yourself sitting in fishnet tights that you fully get into the mood.

Even so, The Rocky Horror Show remains one of popular culture’s more baffling outpourings. Great fun, certainly. But you’ll still wander away wondering what on earth you’ve been watching.

Sci-fi and horror are hammed up for all they are worth, with Diana Vickers (X Factor, Little Voice) as Janet; Ben Freeman (Emmerdale, Wicked) as Brad, with Liam Tamne (Phantom of the Opera, The Voice) as Frank ‘n’ Furter.

You struggle to follow the words in some of the songs; and the constant, seemingly-predictable shout-outs are often equally difficult to catch.

But really, the best fun comes from Steve Punt, who is superb as the schoolmasterly, censorious narrator.

Phil Hewitt