Prize-winning jubilee photos to be preserved in Record Office

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A NUMBER of prize-winning photos of this year’s diamond jubilee celebrations are to be preserved in the West Sussex Record Office’s archives.

The pictures, from four amateur photographers living in the county, showcase the celebrations in the South of England on June 5.

It was part of a competition, led by the Record Office, offering people a chance to win a place in the archives alongside documents from the Queen’s coronation and silver jubilee.

Nichola Court and Susan Millard, who launched the contest, said: “We received hundreds of photos of the many street parties and parades held across West Sussex.

“The winning pictures have been added to our collection and will be preserved so future generations can see how we celebrated the jubilee weekend.

“Many of the photos are being put on display in the Record Office throughout January – while we are still looking for more images if people want to send them into us.”

The diamond jubilee marked Queen Elizabeth IIs 60-year anniversary on the throne while also denominating her as the second-longest serving monarch - behind Victoria.

Hundreds of celebrations were held across the Observer area to mark the occasion.

One of the winning images shows pupils at West Dean CofE Primary School, in Chichester, during their celebrations.

West Sussex County Council deputy leader Lionel Barnard, who is responsible for the Record Office, said: “This competition has helped preserve the memories of thousands of people so they can be shared with future generations for years to come.

“Our archives are an invaluable resource and, as they already store thousands of images and documents, these new photos will be well placed.

“Although there were only four winners every photograph entered was worthy of preservation.”

To find out more, or to send in photos, contact the Record Office on 01243 753 602 or visit Orchard Street, Chichester, PO19 1DD.

Alternatively, visit its website at