Father and son show

Chichester artist Patrick Kundra has found his greatest inspiration in his 11-year-old son Matisse.

The two combine for an exhibition entitled simply Father and Son at Chichester’s Oxmarket Centre of Arts running from March 31 to April 13.

Joint exhibition Artists Patrick Kundra  and son Matisse '''Picture by Louise Adams C140377-1 Ent Patrick SUS-140324-110758003

Joint exhibition Artists Patrick Kundra and son Matisse '''Picture by Louise Adams C140377-1 Ent Patrick SUS-140324-110758003

This will be their third exhibition together in three years – after a ten-year break for Patrick.

“I stopped for ten years when Matisse was growing up,” Patrick says. “I just felt that it was a bit unfair not to give all my attention to him. And then I got back into exhibiting because I saw that Matisse was working away continuously. He is very inspirational in his work and in his attention to his work. He gives his work undivided attention. He has got great concentration on what he does.”

11-year-old Matisse, who goes to school in Chichester, is certainly fired up: “It is my passion. It makes me feel happy. It all comes from my mind. One of my pictures is about a man in the desert walking with a camel. I was thinking about a new idea, a city at night time with all the lights on.”

Matisse says he would like to go on to art school in later life and would certainly consider a career as an artist. As he says, his art is something which gives him great enjoyment and satisfaction.

Patrick is impressed with the way he simply gets on with it – a model of dedication which is a source of inspiration both to Patrick and to his artist wife, Matisse’s mum Pascale.

“Matisse has got incredible memory and commitment. He works every single day. He plays his games, and then he goes back to his drawing.

“From an early age, he has seen me and his mum in front of easels. That motivated him to start with. Now he goes through paper like it just doesn’t exist.”

It has been fascinating to watch his development: “His ideas become more defined. His progression and his style have become more defined. His work is not dissimilar to Lowry’s in style.

“Lowry had little narratives of people working in factories and buildings. It is all figures with Matisse, figures in motion, doing things. When I was his age, I could never do narratives. I could do isolated figures, but most of them were very static, not moving in the way Matisse does them.”

As for his own work, Patrick is showing a number of new paintings and also some new sculpture. He is still working with the idea of filling up containers, a theme in his work in recent years.

“Right now I am working a lot with found objects that I turn into sculpture, something like Picasso did with bicycles. At the moment, I am working with a tripod that I have converted into a sculpture. It’s a lovely piece that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks.

“My paintings are very organic. Some are narratives done in oils and acrylics. There are some seascapes as well. I have also got some prints that I am going to show.”