Chichester students launch Bognor Regis Rox in the Park

Looking forward to the Rox event in Hotham Park. C111723-1
Looking forward to the Rox event in Hotham Park. C111723-1

Keen students will bring their learning to life at a unique event in Bognor Regis.

The Rox in Park family fun day will be the first such occasion held by would-be graduates at the University of Chichester as well as being a fresh initiative for Rox.

The free event will take place during next year’s Easter school holiday from 11am to 5pm on April 11, subject to the required licence being obtained.

One of the organisers, Emily Layton, said: “There will be something for everyone with probably six bands on the bandstand as well as school choirs and other performers.

“We will also have circus artistes, such as jugglers and magicians, walking around the park.”

Emily, 20, is among the seven students on the initial events management degree course to be held at the university.

Its Upper Bognor Road campus is opposite Hotham Park and the Rox organisation is also based at the campus to create all the potential for a successful combination.

“We are in our third and final year of our course and the work we do putting on Rox in the Park is our final assessment,” she said.

“We met Rox in May and we have had a few meetings with them every week since. It good to work with Rox because of the work they do and the fact they are involved with the community.

“Doing this has given us a lot of experience and the chance to put into practice what we have been learning for the past two years.”

Rox marketing officer Robin Parker said: “The university approached us about it and it’s been good fun.

“It is the first time we have ever done anything like this. This is all about giving something to the town for us.”