Tone Zoners tot up top Trundle times

A small group of Tone Zone Runners took on the Trundle 10k, an off-road race up to the top of the hill and back down again.

Monday, 4th June 2018, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 10:14 am
Tone Zone runners at the Trundle race

Tone Zone’s Simon Gill finished in third place with a very quick time of 37min 38sec, followed by Jack Penfold with 43:49. Crossing the line shortly after was Sean Power in 45:48.

Simon Hunt, Duncan Stephenson-Gill and Michael Manwill all ran sub-50 minutes. Jess Thomson and Lousia Proctor had a battle towards the end of the race, resulting in an exciting sprint finish for the spectators.

Sarah Santer crossed the line just after the hour for the club and was happy with her time considering the tough course. Nicky King and Debi Haddleton did well too.

At the other end of the country were Grace and Derek Natoli, competing in Edinburgh. Derek took to the Half Marathon course and finished in just under two hours. Grace ran the full marathon distance and fell in love with Edinburgh, labelling it a great race... and it looked like it too as Grace finished in 4:31.

Tone Zone marathon man Paul Coe, who’s aiming to run 100 marathons before the end of October, took on the North Downs Way 50, a 50-mile race.

Coe said: “After 79 marathons this was certainly the toughest event I have ever run. Nearly 6000ft of climbing over 50 miles takes its toll in the latter stages, but overall I was very pleased to complete it – 10hr 55min was a lot better than I was expecting.”

The following week Coe ran his 80th marathon along the Thames, having recovered well, and finished in 4:14.

Tone Zone times - Trundle 10k: Simon Gill​ 37:38; Jack Penfold​ 43:49; Sean Power ​45:27; Simon Hunt​ 45:48; Duncan​Stephenson-Gill 46:39; Michael​ Manwill​ 48:54; Tony Holcombe​ 52:53; Jessica Thomson ​56:28; Louisa Proctor​ 56:28; Peter Ramsdale​ 58:15; Sarah Santer​ 62:01; Stephen Goddard​ 62:18; Samantha Yates​​ 63:38; Debbie​ Patching​ 65:40; Nicola King ​70:34; Debi Haddleton ​71:17. Edinburgh Marathon: Grace Natoli 4.31.00; Edinburgh Half: Derek Natoli 1.59.37. London 10k: Paul Wells 1.02.39. Humber Bridge 10k: Sarah Baker 1.01.00; Jo Andrews 1.07.00. The Bere 10k Alston: Daniel Hughes 1.08.00. Dorchester Marathon: Simon Bodsworth 4.52.36; Joan Woolley 6.34.00. Arunners five-mile Beach run: Peter Ramsdale 39.29; Chris Dummer 40.13; Sarah Santer 42.33; Donna Strowger 45.53.