Super Coopers mix it up for darts success

The first half of the latest Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League season is concluding and that meant it was time for the Sandy Carter Memorial mixed pairs knockout at the Newtown Social Club.

Tuesday, 5th December 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:27 am
The mixed pairs winners

A total of 31 pairs turned up to compete, an excellent turnout and only the fourth time more than 30 pairs took part.

Reigning champions Janet Grinstead and Gary Blackwood (The Legends) were knocked out in the second round by the two-time summer league champions Debbie and Ashley Clements (The Hoff), and the champions from two years ago, Mazz Tupper and Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club), were also knocked out in the second round.

The first semi-final saw Karen Wilson (Richmond Rebels) and Adam Hall (Aldingbourne Mavericks), who took out the reigning summer league mixed pairs champions in the first round, lose to father and daughter pair Jody and Andy Cooper (Claremont).

The second semi-final saw Emma Bist (Aldingbourne Mavericks) and Ian Hackett (Claremont), who took out the champs from two years ago, bow out to the summer league’s mixed pairs runners-up, mother and son Bridget Scott-Ragless and Richard Ragless (Friary ‘Z’).

The final saw the Raglesses go first by winning the bullseye, but a score of 132 from Jody Cooper saw them take the early lead. Getting to the double first allowed Andy Cooper to take only one dart to hit double 16 and take the leg.

The second leg saw a ton from Richard Ragless, but three scores of 80 plus from the Coopers saw the in the lead again. Bridget Scott-Ragless had left her son with 98, but he missed double 12 for the leg.

With the Coopers on 22, it was up to Andy Cooper again, and he did the same as the first leg, only needing one dart to hit the double, taking the match 2-0 and the title of the Sandy Carter Memorial mixed pairs champions for 2017-18.

Tuesday Double-In Double-Out Darts League

Week 12’s best game was played by Andy Whiteley (the Legends) with 17 and 19 darts and a 26.96 average.

Results - Div 1 - The Hoffs 16 Old Barn Owls 4; Newtown Raiders 6 The Legends 14; Neptune 10 QE2 14. Div 2 - Richmond Arms 7 Wheatsheaf 15; Chi Snooker Club 15 Pier Bar 7; Cabin Cruisers 8 Hunston Club 13; BRSA 10 The Hoffmeisters 15.

Other stats - Div 1 - player of match - Andy Whiteley (the Legends) 17 & 19 darts [26.96 av] - 2nd leg 47 left in 18 darts; Ian Dendy (the Hoffs) 23 & 24 darts [23.45 av] MOM - 2nd leg scored 601 according to scores. 180s - Rob Collins (the Legends) (2); Karen Winter (Newtown Raiders). High in shots - Andy Whiteley (The Legends) 140; Peter Lagden (Neptune) 120; Bruce Steadman (Neptune) 112; Karen Winter (Newtown Raiders) 112; Ian Hackett (Newtown Raiders) 100. High out shots - Tom Cripps (Neptune) 100. Div 2 - player of match - Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club) 18 & 26 darts [22.77 av]; Andy Stubbs (Hunston Club) 21 & 27 darts [20.88 av]; James Bartley (the Hoffmeisters) 28 & 40 darts [15.05 av] - 1st leg 28 left in 30 darts; Rachel Hall (Richmond Arms) 36 & 40 darts [13.18 av]. 180s - Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club). High in shots - Glen Scott (BRSA) 160;

Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club) 120 & 100; Rob Palmer (Cabin Cruisers) 120; Andy Chant (Chi Snooker Club) 101; Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club) 100. High out shots - Lee Hellyer (Chi Snooker Club) 93; Dan Middleton (BRSA) 80.