Snooker club win darts title

The Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League’s Captains & Secretaries knockout took place at the Newtown Social Club, with 14 teams taking part.

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 9:00 am
Captains & Secretaries knockout winners Keith Robinson and Peter Hall

Dave Bourne, secretary of the Aldwick Legion, managed a 180 in the first round. Round two featured a 180 from Keith Robinson, Chi Snooker Club secretary, which helped to get his pair through.

The first semi-final saw the Legends versus the Hunston Hares. Gary Blackwood (Legends) beat Andy Stubbs (Hunston Hares) 2-1 in the captains’ game, but Tony Phillips (Hunston Hares) beat Pat O’Hara 2-0 in the secretaries game. The sudden-death pairs leg went the way of the Legends.

The second semi saw Aldwick Legion against Chi Snooker Club. Andy Chant (Aldwick Legion) beat Peter Hall (Chi Snooker Club) 2-0 in the captains’ game, but Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club) beat Dave Bourne (Aldwick Legion) 2-1 in the secretaries game. The sudden-death leg went to Chi Snooker Club.

Blackwood won the bullseye to start the captains game of the final, and took the first leg in a speedy fashion. The second leg saw Hall start with a ton, but Blackwood hit 85 and 100 before missing the double 12 for a 144 out-shot. He eventually hit the double to take the second leg.

Aces pair up for Bognor darts titlesIt's Europe v USA - at ChichesterThe third leg saw Blackwood and Hall both score early tons, but Blackwood took the double for the 112 out-shot and a 15-dart leg for a 3-0 win.

In the secretaries game Robinson won the bullseye over O’Hara, and kept scoring. He eventually took the first leg.

O’Hara started slowly in the second leg, but Robinson started with a ton. With O’Hara more than 100 behind Robinson took the second leg.

Leg three started with a 95 from Robinson. O’Hara eventually hit a 95 of his own, but Robinson replied with a ton, and with his next three darts hit the double for a 3-0 win, taking it to a sudden-death pairs leg.

Blackwood hit 85 and a ton, but their opponents couldn’t score more than 65. O’Hara stepped up and with 183 left he hit two treble 19s and a single 19, leaving 50 for Blackwood, but he failed to hit what he wanted.

O’Hara missed the double eight with his first two darts, but slipped in to the 11 to leave five for his team-mate. Hall and Robinson were playing catch-up, but misses from their opponents gave them time to seize the opportunity, leaving Robinson to hit double five for the leg and the match win, taking the Benevolent Captains & Secretaries title for Chichester Snooker Club.