Lennie’s got boxing all worked out

Lennie McCormack with his award
Lennie McCormack with his award

Lennie McCormack has passed the GB National Boxing standard award with flying colours.

It is the second of three non-contact boxing awards and the marks are made up from seven aspects.

These include appearance and behaviour, where the eight-year-old scored a perfect ten; warm-up and stretch; a demonstration of stance, guard, balance, torso movement, basic footwork moving around the ring, which he demonstrated very well during three 90-second rounds of shadow boxing.

Also tested are defence actions against a straight lead hand to head and body. These are split between hand and non-hand defences including parry, block and elbow parry and block (hand), lay back, push away, duck and slip (non hand). All were demonstrated with skill.

There were three 90-second rounds of pad or bag work in which McCormack, a pupil at Nyewood Junior School, demonstrated his knowledge with pad work, where he could improve by keeping the guard higher.

Ending the assessment were a warm-down snd stretch plus rules and general knowledge.

McCormack answered all ten questions correctly almost word for word, again scoring a perfect ten. He now moves on to the bronze award.

For more information on the boxing award scheme, contact Mark Hibbert on 07918 637449.