Hockey: Middleton marvels are celebrating

Middleton's hockey ladies celebrate
Middleton's hockey ladies celebrate

As the season draws to a close, there is plenty to celebrate at Middleton Hockey Club.

There is new sponsorship from Skip It, while the men’s team survived a tough first year in division one – but no-one is celebrating more than the club’s ladies’ team,

They grabbed the division-three title with three points against Crowborough in their final match. They will now move up to division two and a whole new set of challenges.

Their fantastic achievement has been the result of several combined factors: the arrival of new and talented players to join the existing band of stalwarts; the return of experienced players plus a permanent goalie have all contributed to a boost in squad numbers, skill sets and confidence.

Some carefully targeted coaching in pre-season and during the campaign added to the fine tuning of the team.

Captain Charlotte Woolvern has capaby co-erced, cajoled, controlled and chivvied her team into a smooth-running, disciplined, cohesive unit.

They will now move up to division two and a whole new set of challenges.

Goals were plentiful – 68 scored over the season, with only 13 conceded.

Commitment, focus and determination have been the key strengths of all the players, along with a work ethic unrivalled by any team of opposition this year.

Losing just one league game in the whole season, the team’s commitment never faltered and their victory had been well-earned, well deserved and well celebrated. Bring on division two...