Bowls: Chichester are happy hosts against Southbourne

Chichester's bowlers line up to face Southbourne / Picture by Kate Shemilt KS1500205-2
Chichester's bowlers line up to face Southbourne / Picture by Kate Shemilt KS1500205-2

Chichester and Southbourne headline this week’s round-up of the local bowling greens.

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Chichester A 86 Southbourne 71

Chichester A were involved in a tight game at home to Southbourne in the West Sussex Bowls League but just had the edge and with wins on all four rinks they picked up the maximum ten points.

Scores: G Buckle, M Bayfield, T Hardgrove, T Sayers (skip) won 25-21; P Whale, M Lewis, S Meyer, M Page (skip) won 27-21; C Porter, B Talmage, B Butler, D Schofield (skip) won 16-15; N Anderson, C Keedwell, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 18-14.

Chichester progressed to the quarter finals of the Midhurst Cup with a narrow six-shot victory against Headley. Chichester’s away team lost by 17 shots but this was offset by their home squad’s 23-shot win.

Chichester will play either Billingshurst or Fishbourne in the quarter-final.

Scores: Home: Kevin Ball, Debbie Hogg, Stuart Meyer (skip) won 32-8; Guy Buckle, Jean Hole, Cole Porter (skip) lost 19-18; Away: Alan Avery, Steph Baverstock, Phil Cowell (skip) drew 16-16; Tony Hardgrove, Penny Hannant, Michael Hannant (skip) lost 23-6.

Maltravers 76 Chichester B 67

Chichester B travelled to Maltravers for a West Sussex Bowls League division-three match. Maltravers had the better of the last four ends, defeating Chichester by nine shots and 6-4 in points.

Scores: J Walters, L Shipp, P Merritt, C Wade (skip) won 19-18; K Ball, T Gaffney, PJ White, M Hannant (skip) lost 19-16; J Swannell, L Etherington, B Money, T Hardgrove (skip) lost 25-8; C Porter, T Wiseman, A Avery, J Pickard (skip) won 24-14.

Chichester A 104 Worthing Pavilion B 52

Chichester A secured all ten points in their home West Sussex Bowls League first-division match against Worthing Pavilion B. Chichester were always in control.

Scores: M Bayfield, B Talmage, B Butler, D Schofield (skip) won 24-14; P Whale, S Meyer, S Tooley, M Page (skip) won 22-13; G Buckle, T Hardgrove, C Keedwell, D Leach (skip) won 32-9; I Linfield, R Hobbs, J Larkin, T Sayers (skip) won 26-16.

Worthing Grasshoppers 110 Chichester 92

Chichester visited Worthing for a mixed friendly against the Grasshoppers. Although both sides won three triples each, the Grasshoppers had the overall advantage winning by 18 shots.

Scores: T Jennings, S Baverstock, D Schofield (skip) lost 18-13; J Swannell, A Hulbert, A Avery (skip) won 21-14; A Deller, C Hulbert, M Lewis (skip) won 16-13; B Money, B Hole, PJ White (skip) won 18-15; T Haigh, M Schofield, P Doust (skip) lost 18-13; A Stewart, N Dearman, B Talmage (skip) lost 32-11.


It was another tough week for Middleton, with defeats in the Brooks Motors mixed triples league to Crablands and in the men’s West Sussex Bowls League to East Preston, although the men did pick up a couple of valuable points by drawing two of their games.

Middleton 25 Crablands 37

Scores: L Lush, P Ramsden, A Nurse lost 15-12; R Green, P Lush, J Graham lost 22-13. Crablands 6pts. Friendly: J Nurse, T Bridge, J Green lost 18-12.

Middleton 63 East Preston 103

Scores: K Berkeley, D Gower, A Nurse, B Colvin lost 33-15; I Hart, P Lush, J Graham, J Wilson lost 33-11; P Ramsden, M Feneley, T Finch, R Wootten drew 19-19, C Pratt, R Eccles, K Baker, G Stevenson drew 18-18. Middleton 2pts, East Preston 8pts.


Haslemere 69 Midhurst 58

Winninng on two rinks and losing on two, Midhurst lost overall at Haslemere by 11 shots.

Scores: Basil Osbourne, Delphine Clark and Phil Wells won 19-10; Brian Adams, Howard Seymour and Margaret Sole won 16-11; Jack Jurado, Jean Adams & Phil Kingswell lost 30-5; Lilly Kingswell, Mike Ryan & Alan Rickets lost 18-13.


In the Ron Petty Cup club competition, Charlotte Bundell, Margorie Howard and Catherine Dixon won the final, beating Gordon Knight, Delphine Clark and Phil Wells 8-5 over five ends.


Witterings 118 Cumbria 72

A coachload of Cumbrian players visited Witterings BC for an afternoon of bowling.

Six rinks took part with Witterings the overall winners on an enjoyable day.

Scores: Ann Miles, Tony Nixon, Maureen Mulligan, Gwilym Morgan lost 19-18; Dave Clapton, Lesley Thomas, Ron Prior, Chris Horsley lost 17-12; Jackie Clapton, Paul Chivers, Julie Mulligan, Barry Horsley won 20-10; Kate Nixon, Brian Barnes, Chris Jelf, Carole Tuffin won 27-10; Glyn Dobson, Sheila Currell, Diane Leach, Dave Bell won 25-6; Alan Somerville, Pat Hutton, Jan Derkatsch, Lindsay Bangs won 16-10.

Witterings 45 Emsworth 45

An enjoyable triples friendly against Emsworth ended in a draw.

Scores: Kate Nixon, Val Hooker, Maureen Mulligan (skip) lost 19-13; Sue Dobson, Sheila Currell, Barbara Newman (skip) lost 18-14; Ann Miles, Karen Slogrove, Carole Tuffin (skip) won 18-8.

Norfolk 45 Witterings 61

Witterinfs won this three-rink ladies’ friendly.

Scores: Sheila Currell, Jan Derkatsch, Barbara Newman (skip) won 24-10; Ann Miles, Val Hooker, Maureen Mulligan (skip) won 19-15; Lesley Thomas, Ros Hanbury, Diane Leach (skip) lost 20-18.

Witterings 66 Graffham 68

Witterings lost by just two shots in the Midhurst Cup.

Scores - Home: Paul Chivers, Maureen Mulligan, Gwilym Morgan drew 17-17; Diane Leach, Ron Prior, Chris Jelf won 18-14; Away -

Brian Barnes, Ros Hanbury, Chris Horsley lost 22-15; Ann Miles, Tony Nixon, Carole Tuffin won 16-15.

Witterings 26 RAFA 43

RAFA were too strong in the BM League.

Scores: Ross Hanbury, Tony Nixon, John Langworthy (skip) lost 23-8; Diane Leach, Ken Clarke, Chris Horsley (skip) lost 20-18.

Witterings 29 RAFA 47

Scores: Mick Gough, Dave Clapton, Pat Hutton (skip) won 24-13; Lesley Thomas, Jackie Clapton, Brian Barnes (skip) lost 34-5.

Witterings 50 RAFA 39

A good win for Witterings came in their first round of the Holbrook Cup.

Scores: T Nixon, C Jelf, C Horsley (s) won 17-12; R Prior, R Hanbury, G Morgan (s) won 12-11; P Hutton, P Chivers, D Leach (s) won 21-16.

Witterings 94 Aldingbourne 63

This was a creditable West Sussex League win for Witterings.

Scores: Mark White, Stuart Hooker , John Langworthy, Lindsay Bangs(s) beat K Robini, J Smith, A Carter, H Gear 18-11; Ken Clark, Chris Jelf, Gwilym Morgan, Dave Bell (s) beat B Murray, D Anderson, D Page, G Ball 22-21; Glynh Dobson, Paul Chivers, R Stephens, Jim Slogrove (s) beat T Tack, R Sparrow, D Meakins, S Hayter 38-9; Colin Brooks, Tony Nixon, Fred Knotts, Barry Horsley (s) lost 22-16 to F Mulholland, (capt), J Piggott, B Jones, G Arnold. Witterings 8pts Aldingbourne 2pts.

Witterings 56 Aldingbourne 33

Scores: Diane Leach, Ros Hanbury, Barbara Newman, Chris Horsley (skip) won 27-14; Julie Mulligan, Val Hooker, Maureen Mulligan, Carole Tuffin (skip) won 29-19. Witterings 6pts.


Playing away to Worthing Pavilion, Aldingbourne came home with a satisfactory 87-87 draw.

Scores: R Wyatt, D Anderson, R Sparrow, J Smith lost 32-20; E West, B Murray, D Meakins. D Brooks-Kibble won 29-15; K Robini, F Mulholland, J Robini, J Piggott won 19-17; J Hamilton, D Cot’e, D Page, G Arnold lost 23-19.

Aldingbourne ladies lost 51-31 to Witterings ladies.

Scores: J Hamilton, E Taylor, A Howson, J Robini lost 29-17; L Hathaway, J Whetstone, M Bacon, E Fitch lost 22-14.


Arundel came to Petworth for their annual outing on the greens and had an enjoyable afternoon.

They did very well to tie two of the four rinks in this friendly.

Scores: Ron Elliott, Mick Carlin and Bob Turner drew 12-12 with M Wedge, D Burcher, S Brennan and S Brennan; Carol Hall, Nigel Flynn and Alan Potter beat W Maynard, T Ayling, P Wilson and S Wright 21-7; Eileen Warrington, Richard Stevens and David Mustard drew 19-19 with K Redfern, A Ferrier and T Heslop; Mike Craft, Selwyn Hall and Kevin Mitchell beat J Hutchinson, A Ayling and M Monk 25-9.


Worthing Pavilion A 70 Bognor 70

The teams took five points apiece in the West Sussex League first division.

Bognor also played Worthing A at home and won on three rinks, but lost the match overall.

In division three, Bognor took six points from a home game with Pulborough and eight from a home match versus Maltravers.

In the county men’s pairs, M Johnson and Rod Lincoln have each won three rounds and are now in the third round proper.

In the champion of champions, Dave Parker has achieved identical progress.


The club’s men played a three-rink friendly away to Bognor, losing 76-42.

Scores: P Burrell, D Marsh, B Calvert, M Adams lost 33-10; P Langridge, R Reid, J Stewart, D Vaughan lost 20-18; N Terry, B Hensman, J Cowley, J Newell lost 23-14.


West Dean Ladies 29 West Dean Gents 38

The winners of the annual West Dean ladies-versus-gents match were the gents after they won one rink apiece.

Scores: Ann Hiscock & Pam Patterson beat John Elliott & David Turner 21-9; Pam Sharrod & Clare Beardmore lost to Ian Morrison & Andy Wood 29-8.

West Dean 68 Flansham 26

West Dean won on all three rinks in the friendly against Flansham in West Dean Gardens.

Scores: Pam Sharrod, Andy Wood, Bob Holman (s) won 24-8; Ann Hiscock, Chris Warrington, Jim Sharrod (s) won 24-7; Clare Beardmore, John Elliott, David Harding (s) won 20-11.


Crablands 67 RAFA 76

In the BML game against RAFA, Crablands took four points to two.

Scores: D Muncey, M Bateman, K Bailey won 22-13; M Campbell, J Taylor, T Dade lost 21-13; D Terry, C Pestle, V Foyle won 21-11; P Cooper, J Londley, D Adams lost 31-11.

Crablands 54 Middleton 38

Crablands had a clean sweep when Middleton visited for two BM League triples, taking six points, and one friendly.

Scores: T Axworthy, V Foyle, A Blyth won 18-12; N Crump, J Lindley, C Bowles won 15-13; N Reynolds, P Osborn, M Heasman won 22-13.


Fittleworth 62 Billingshurst 40

Fittleworth won on two mats but lost on the third.

Scores: Arthur Ellcome, David Luxford, Bernard Adsett won 18-12; Pauline Gilpin, Mike Ryan, Alvar Etherington won 32-7; Frances Etherington, Tony Broughton, Brian Ball lost 21-12.

Arundel 57 Fittleworth 39

Fittleworth won on only one mat at Arundel.

Scores: Judy Reed, Mike Ryan, Alvar Etherington won 24-10; Frances Etherington, Simon Herbert, Monica Enticknap lost 17-10; Jane Adsett, Tessa Clegg, David Luxford lost 30-5.


Witterings 35 Lancing 54 (Lancing 6 points) C Tuffin 15 L Gray 29; C Horsley 20 I Humphrey 25; Bognor 33 Crablands 33 (3 points Bognor, 3 points Crablands) M Phillips 15 Ruler 13, J Spiers 18 C Bowles 20; Arundel 53 Norfolk 35 (6 points Arundel) P Vinten 27 L Curtis 19; A Olliver 26 A Parsons 16; Arundel 51 Maltravers 31 (6 points Arundel) A Olliver 29 B Butcher 11; P Vinten 22 J Sheldon 20; Norfolk 30 Bognor 44 (2 points Norfolk, 4 points Bognor) L Curtis 22 J Spiers 20; C Papps 8 M Phillips 24; Witterings 56 Aldingbourne 33 (6 points Witterings) C Horsley 27 L Hathaway 14; C Tuffin 29 J Hamilton 19; Crablands 36 Arundel 35 (4 points Crablands, 2 points Arundel) C Bowles 18 P Vinten 16; S Blyth 18 A Olliver 19.


West Sussex held the first of their summer competitions at Westergate’s Six Villages Sports Centre.

Some 56 bowlers from Sussex and Hampshire competed for the summer pairs/fours title, where teams of four play as rinks and then split into pairs.

A close tournament was eventually won by the mixed club team of Marc Lancaster (The Martlets), Brian Mills (Bognor), Russell Stallibrass (Comptons) and John Burton-Gow (Mannings Heath), who remained unbeaten all day during the round-robin format.

Runners-up were a team from Bognor.

Trophies were presented to both first and second-placed teams by tournament organiser Rod McBeth.

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