Bognor darts teams send their chiefs up to the oche

Secretaries KO runner-up Ian Hackett and winner Lee Franklin
Secretaries KO runner-up Ian Hackett and winner Lee Franklin

As the Bognor Friday Night Summer Darts League season nears its end, the Captains’ and Secretaries’ knockouts took place at the Newtown Social Club.

The Captains’ knockout saw 13 players take part, the worst summer turnout since 2009. Some 16 players took part in the Secretaries’ knockout, the second best turnout on record.

In the Secretaries knockout, a 180 in the first round came from Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club), but in the next round he came up against the 3-time champion, Lee Franklin (Friary ‘Z’), who hit a 180 on his way to beating Robinson.

Franklin hit another 180 in a semi-final 2-0 win over Tony Phillips (Hunston Hares).

The second semi-final saw Ian Hackett (Claremont) take on Mark Wingate (Newtown Clubbers). Wingate took the first leg but Hackett won the second.

The last leg saw Wingate miss doubles, allowing Hackett to get to the final.

The final was a repeat of the 2015 final. Franklin won and started with 81, but Hackett replied with a ton. Eventually Franklin was on his double, and with Hackett left with 130, Franklin hit the double.

The second leg saw Hackett get the better start, but Franklin hit a ton to catch up. It went both ways before Franklin missed double top for the leg, but Hackett missed his chance, allowing Franklin to hit the double to take the leg, and the match, becoming summer secretaries champion for the fourth time.

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The Captains’ knockout saw Andy Cooper (Claremont) face three-time champion Gary Blackwood (Legends) in the first semi-final. Blackwood had hit two 180s in the previous round and duly dispatched Cooper with a 2-0 win.

The second semi-final saw Alex Norgett (Newtown Amity) lose 2-1 to Dave Bourne (Aldwick Legion).

The final was a repeat of the 2013 final. Blackwood won the bullseye and started with a 140. Bourne replied with 80, but Blackwood hit 120 and 125, leaving Bourne trailing. Five darts later, Blackwood hit double top to take the first leg in 14 darts.

The second leg saw the first ton from Bourne. ith 80 left for Blackwood, Bourne hit 51 to leave the maximum 170 out-shot. Going for the 80, Blackwood failed.

Bourne tried for a 110 out-shot, but could only hit 98. Blackwood stepped up and hit double top with his first dart, taking the match 2-0 and his fourth summer captains’ title.

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