Blinding! Prior and Bennison take Bognor darts silverware

The conclusion of the Bognor Tuesday Double-in Double-out Darts League was a blind pairs knockout followed by trophy presentations at Newtown Social Club.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 12:00 pm
The blind pairs winners

A total of 58 players took part in the knockout, two short of the record. Some of the league’s top players went out in round one, but one of last year’s winning pair, Cliff Prior (QE2 Cobras), went through.

In the first semi-final Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club) and Luke Nash (Hoffmeisters) lost to Ian Bennison (Fishermans Joy) and Prior.

The second semi-final saw Larry Chant (Lamb Orange) and Alex Norgett (Legends ‘X’) go out to Dean Ardener (QE2 Lions) & Graham Hollis (Fishermans Joy).

In the final Prior won the bull and went first. After 15 darts each there was only one point in it. Bennison hit 92, leaving Prior with 72, but he was low at double top. Hollis could only hit 98 to leave eight, but Ardener missed, giving Prior another chance which he took for the first leg.

The second leg saw Hollis and Ardener miss the in-shot while their opponents ran away.

Blackwood shows no benevolenceOver-60s and ladies step up to ochePrior just missed double eight for a 95 out-shot, but even a ton from Hollis left them trailing, and Bennison took the leg.

In leg three Prior hit a ton with his second throw and Hollis hit a 140. With 105 left, Prior hit single one and treble 18, leaving himself with 50, and with the last dart he hit the bullseye, taking the match and making him and Bennison the blind pairs champions, taking home £110 between them.

Another great selection of trophies were supplied by Aford Awards for the presentation.

Final standings: Div 1 - Overall winners - QE2 Cobras; Overall runners-up - Legends ‘A’; Singles winners - QE2 Cobras; Singles runners-up - Legends ‘A’; Pairs winners - QE2 Cobras; Pairs runners-up - Legends ‘A’. Div 2 - Overall winners - Lamb Orange; Overall runners-up - Legends ‘X’; Singles winners - Lamb Orange; Singles runners-up - Legends ‘X’; Pairs winners - Lamb Orange; Pairs runners-up - Legends ‘X’.