Youth rugby: Buoyant Bognor crush Crawley

Bognor under-16s kick-started their season with a glorious 32-5 win over Crawley, despite missing injured players.

Bognor began by crashing through the Crawley defence and sending Charlie Prior over the line after only a few minutes.

The Bognor pack repeated the drive towards the line and Harry Edwards powered through to put Bognor 10-0 up.

Bognor continued to breach the Crawley defence and a pick and go from the back of a scrum sent Charlie Coles over to put Bognor a further five points ahead.

Near the end of the first half Rowan McLaren-Clark crossed the line but the try was disallowed. But within minutes Ben Luxton crossed the line to make it 20-0 at half-time.

The start of the second half saw Crawley score their only try as immediately Bognor regathered and marched into the Crawley half where they created numerous chances. A Luxton try and conversion and another from Coles added to their score.

This was a great start to the season for the champions of division three.

BOGNOR: Calleja, Power, Edwards, Baker, Prior, McLaren-Clark, Young, Coles, Newton-Young, Luxton, Scutt, Alexander, Brett, Wallace, Howland.