West Sussex bowlers top the lot after win in Kent

The West Sussex Premier team visited Kent and repeated last year’s victory over their strong local rivals to increase their lead at the top of the table.

They were level at 8-8 and behind on shots, 92-83, at lunch.

In the afternoon West Sussex took six points in the third session then won three and drew one in the final session for an excellent win by 27-13 and 196-161.

This puts them 29 points ahead of Kent and 30 ahead of East Sussex with one match to play.

In the pairs Malcolm Rollings of The Martlets with Lavant’s Peter Whale won 17-8 and 18-8 while in the other pair The Martlets’ Chris Blackman lost 16-9 and won 18-11. In the triples The Martlets’ Jack Rollings won 10-6 and 22-3 while Bognor’s Brenda Jones lost 15-4 and drew 11-11.

In the fours Bognor’s Rose Jalley, Lavant’s Peter Winter and The Martlets’ Marc Lancaster and Mel Lillywhite lost 9-8 and won 12-3. The captain’s player of the match was Jack Rollings.

The A team were also at Kent but suffered a disappointing defeat by 23-17. They stand 26 points behind Kent with a game in hand.

In the triples Bognor’s Eric Jones and Brian Mills lost 11-5 and won 11-9 while Lavant’s Ray Harding won 13-7 and drew 10-10. In the fours Bognor’s Derek Fair, Lavant’s Rob Peirce and John Heasman lost 12-7 and 8-4 while Lavant’s John Simms with The Martlets’ Barrie Fitch lost 12-4 and 10-3.

The B team played a friendly at Kent and won 27-13.

In the singles, Crablands’ Mollie Back lost 16-9 and won 14-12. In the pairs Crablands’ Joyce Abel lost 16-13 and won 19-6 while Bognor’s Betty Williams and Marlene Steel lost 17-16 and won 16-7.

In the triples Bognor’s Mary Fair with Crablands’ Les Dray drew 11-11 and won 9-5 whilst Crabland’s Martin Hunt lost 15-5 and won 11-7.

In the fours Arundel’s Mike Knox won 9-3 and 7-6.


The Cormorants visited the Midhurst Eagles and gained five points with one mat won and one drawn.

Scores: Jan Obermayer, Ron Coombes, Joan Homewood & Brian Berry won 24-23; Gwen Coombes, Tony Heritage, Derek Eggleton & Wally Obermayer drew 17-17; (friendly): Colin Gardner, Doe Berry, Don Jonas & Yvonne Clifton lost 18-17.

Crablands Auks hosted Bitterns and gained four points out of six.

Scores: Jim Tyrrell, Lew Lewenden, Val Tyrrell & Les Jewiss lost 21-18 against Stevie Brooks, Iris Brown, Geoff Brown & Lil Tuck; Denis Dray, Rod Shambrook, Ron Osborn & Les Dray beat Jean Tolhurst, Charlie Threlkeld, Jim Saunders & Roy Tolhurst 18-13; (friendly): Sheila Plaistow, Yvonne Clifton, Les Howland & Ted Murrell lost 19-18 to Terry Axworthy, Colin Garland, Sylvia Compton & Joan Homewood.

In the knockout competition the Crablands Gulls met The Martlets and recorded a magnificent win after two extra ends.

The final score was 39-37 which puts the Gulls into the next round of cup.

Scores: Meg Pocock, Colin Garland, Stevie Brooks & Jim Saunders won 25-17; Anne Threlkeld, Les Howland, Charlie Threlkeld & Lil Tuck lost 20-14.

Crablands played a friendly at home to Hunston and won on all three mats with an overall score of 84-33.

Scores: Patricia Tucker, Stevie Brooks, Yvonne Clifton & Mike Tucker beat P Franklin, T Croucher, R Streeter & A Harle 17-14; Sylvia Compton, Colin Garland, Jan Obermayer & Ron Osborn beat D Greenfield, P Harle, S Mesure & R Stevens 34-8; Anne Threlkeld, Joan Homewood, Wally Obermayer & Charlie Threlkeld beat T Hack, J Stubbs, F Franklin & S Clay 33-11.


The annual match between Fittleworth and Bob’s Allstars resulted in a 62-50 win for Fittleworth.

Scores: Pauline Gilpin, Tony Broughton, Bernard Adsett, Gina Barnfield won 20-15; Murial Cook, Jane Adsett, Alan Jordan, Sheila Allen lost 24-13; Jean Lucking, Alvar Hetherington, Roger Lucking, Sue Judd won 29-11.

Fittleworth won on two mats and lost on one for a very good 57-54 win over Arundel.

Scores: Pauline Gilpin, Tony Broughton, Alvar Hetherington, Gina Barnfield lost 21-14; Murial Cook, Peter Martin, Alan Jordan, Sheila Allen won 17-15; Jean Lucking, Terri Finch, Roger Lucking, Sue Judd won 26-18.


Egerton Park 139 Arun 90

This was a disappointing result for Arun in their third Sussex Indoor League game of this season.

Arun lost on four rinks, won on two and went down by 49 shots. At the halfway stage, Arun were only 15 shots down but Egerton Park are formidable at home as the end result indicates.

Scores: J Olliver, D Sayers, B Napper, M Bonnar lost 18-12; R Hobbs, A Anderson, F Taylor, G Leaman lost 26-10; N Short, D Ford, A Bowler, T Sayers lost 36-18; P Green, M Johnson, B Butler, M Edgecock won 20-16; B Rebbeck, E West, J Newell, D Leach lost 27-13; N Waddock, P Phillips, J Whitfield, B Horsley won 17-16.