Wendy’s a wonder as she lands hat-trick of Chichester bowling titles

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Chichester Bowling Club’s competition finals took place over the weekend and a number of new champions were crowned.

The ladies’ finals were dominated by Betty Spicer and Wendy Adams, who played each other in the singles Championship, the two-wood and the 100-up, with congratulations going to Wendy on winning all three.

Betty also played in the handicap final against Rosemary Manning, Betty winning by 13 shots - although Rosemary, in her first ever final, put up a very good fight.

The drawn pairs was won by Betty and Steph Baverstock, with April Janman and Daphne Anderson runners-up.

The men’s singles handicap went to Dave Schofield, while top men’s veteran was Stuart Meyer.

Winner of the men’s two-wood was Jim Larkin and the men’s championship went to Jim Larkin. Men’s invitation pairs winners were Derek Leach and Ricky Hobbs, while the Slate winner was Gordon Leaman.

The drawn pairs went to Dave Schofield and Les Stewart.

The weather was kind and all competitions were completed without problems on a green well prepared by Micky Page.

Crablands 42 Chichester 26

In their penultimate C&M League game, Chichester ladies travelled to Crablands.

After seven ends the scores were level but the home team gradually pulled away to win on both rinks, leaving Chichester with no points.

Scores: P Rampton, B Copeland, S Pickard, B Collins lost 20-12 to C Lewendon, M Back, J Rawlins, C Bowles; M Maggs, M Schofield, M Potter, A Janman lost 22-14 to V Tyrrell, J Lindley, S Blyth, M Brown.

The Chichester trio of Chris Hobbs, Betty Spicer and Wendy Adams had a successful day at Henfield winning the County Benevolent Triples after beating teams from Southbourne, Henfield and Eastbourne.


West Dean 69 Southbourne 31

Southbourne went to West Dean for their annual friendly. Despite losing on all three triples a delightful evening’s bowling was had by all.

Scores: W Coates, M Odell, J Staker lost 19-15; K Shelley, J Jennings, P Garrard lost 26-7; I Jennings, A Shelley, R A Bull lost 24-9.

Denmead 91 Southbourne 46

Southbourne had an away Reflex League match against Denmead on a warm summer’s evening and managed a win on one triple out of four played.

Scores: J Jennings, M Baylis, S Heil lost 22-12; D Young, J Staker, M Odell won 14-10; W Coates, A Bull, P Garrard lost 27-8; A Greenfield, F Heil, R A Bull lost 22-12.

Southbourne 81 Norfolk 85

In their final Littlehampton Gazette League home match of the season, Southbourne won on only one rink and drew on a second.

Overall for the season the team are to be congratulated as they have achieved fourth position out of the ten teams in division one.

Scores: L Walter, M Soper, R Bull, D Alner won 24-16; A Williams, J Staker, R Armstrong, P Butler lost 29-18; K Lockyer, D Walter, D Fewell, A Bull lost 21-20; S Soper, W Coates, F Armstrong, J Simmonds drew 19-19.


Witterings Ladies 54 Crablands Ladies 36

Witterings won on both rinks and on overall shots, earning six points. One friendly rink was won by the away team.

Scores: J Mulligan, R Hanbury, P Lillywhite & C Horsley (s) beat G Humphreys, C Lewendon, J Rawlins, C Bowles 29-18; D Leach, P Hutton, M Mulligan & C Tuffin (s) beat V Tyrrell, J Lindley, S Blyth, M Brown 25-18; (friendly): M Whittle, P Jones, V Dudman, J Harman won the friendly 30-9.

Witterings 89 Maltravers 75

Witterings men had an excellent result in a Littlehampton Gazette League match against Maltravers. Witterings won on all rinks to take a maximum ten points.

Scores: G Morgan, M White, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 29-24; F Bray, R Stephens, B Horsley & J Slogrove (s) won 22-17; P Chivers, C Jelf, S Hooker & D Bell (s) won 21-18; J Hardy, T Mulligan, J Langworthy & L Bangs (s) won 17-16.

Witterings Ladies 59 Hayling Island Ladies 67

Witterings Ladies played a pleasant four-triples friendly against Hayling. Each team won on two rinks but the visitors won on shots.

Scores: K Nixon, J Bangs & M Aylward (s) won 20-17; L Swift, G Porter & M Mulligan (s) lost 21-9; M Cruickshank, J Clapton & B Newman (s) lost 14-11; L Boyles, P Hutton & J Derkatsch (s) won 19-15.

Middleton 65 Witterings 43

Witterings played an enjoyable men’s friendly at Middleton that was won by the home team.

Scores: S Maclean, C Jelf & L Bangs (s) drew 19-19; B Curtis, G Morgan, T Mulligan & F Knotts (s) lost 18-14; G Harsant, P Chivers & S Hooker (s) lost 28-10.

Witterings Ladies 38 Maltravers Ladies 45

Witterings Ladies played in a C&M League match but the away team won on both rinks. A one-rink friendly ended in a draw.

Scores: M Corbett, B Newman, P Lillywhite & C Horsley (s) lost 23-20; D Leach, M Mulligan, C Tuffin & M Aylward (s) lost 22-18; (friendly): J Mulligan, L Swift, R Hanbury & J Derkatsch (s) drew 22-22.


Bognor A challenged Bognor B team to a four-rink match. In a hard-fought game the A team proved too strong and took three rinks to the B team’s one for an 87-71 win.

Bognor played an SCBA vice-presidents’ team at Worthing Pavillion in a six-rink match, The rinks were shared three all but the shot score put Bognor firmly in front at 135-91.

Scores: A Knight, J Smith, A Oliver, G Dumham won 37-9; N Waddock, N Burchfell, B Sanford, P Lilford won 24-13; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson won 30-11; D Parkier, J Weatherall, J Whitfield, T Gaskin lost 16-15; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner lost 24-17; P Bishop, G Herrington, D Dalton, P Dale lost 21-12.

In the LG League division three, Tarring Priory visited Bognor and took three rinks to Bognor’s one, but with a shot score of 91-73 in Bognor’s favour, Tarring Priory took six points to Bognor’s four.

Scores: G Dunham, C Paul, G Verrinder, S Soames lost 21-20; R Bobbett, T Love, N Burchfell, B Hey won 34-7; A Lewis, T Mussell, D Purse, P Phillips lost 22-16; A Harrison, R Oakley, A Oliver, J Parry lost 23-21.

A BM League match at Waterloo Square saw Bognor take on Middleton. The league rinks were shared one each but a shot advantage of one point gave Middleton four points to Bognor’s two. In a friendly rink Bognor managed to sneak a one-shot victory.

Scores: A Knight, Penny Lewis, G Verrinder lost 21-14; G Dunham, A Oliver, Jan Whitfield won 15-9; JU Smith, Jane Taylor, D Parkert won 15-14.


Crablands 67 Pagham 73

Crablands were just pipped by Pagham on the overall result, but the two league rinks managed to keep it to a draw.

Scores: V Tyrrell, J Lindley, S Blyth, M Brown won 19-15; C Lewendon, J Taylor, J Rawlins, C Bowles lost 18-14; M Pocock, S Brooks, J Harman, M Back lost 23-15; A Blyth, L Lewendon, R Osborn, E Clifton won 19-17.

Crablands 40 Stedham 53

A lovely afternoon’s bowling at Stedham ended with Crablands losing on all rinks.

Scores: J Taylor, S Brooks, A Blyth lost 20-15; M Pocock, M Campbell, S Blyth lost 16-13; M Bateman, M Brown, J Saunders lost 20-12.

Crablands 59 Hotham 40

Crablands picked up four points in the BM League against Hotham.

Scores: C Lewendon, M Back, A Blyth won 24-13; J Taylor, L Lewendon, S Blyth lost 19-12; M Pocock, S Brooks, R Shambrook won 23-8.


Fishbourne 32 Sutton 60

Scores: M Beasley, T White, M Howard lost 26-5; W White, I Roberts, B Wallsgrove lost 16-12; D Humphreys, R Beasley (played as a pair) lost 16-15.

Rogate 47 Fishbourne 74

Scores: K Ridley, A Marsh, P Massey won 18-12; B Rice, J Conway, P Winter won 17-14; K Makin, G Collins, M Keane won 19-10; D Humphreys I Roberts B Wallsgrove won 20-11.


Chichester 99 Pagham 81

A friendly versus Chichester involved five men’s triples but was won by the home side.

Scores: R Pearson, J Stewart, E King lost 17-16; D Lovell, M Adams, M English won 24-15; J Burke, A Boucher, L Hall lost 17-13; B Sales, E Mitchell, D Vaughan lost 20-18; P Langridge, G Stevens, D Spink lost 30-10.

In the ladies’ C&M League against Witterings, Pagham took four points from a 42-41 win.

Scores: Diana Mitchell, Joan Wells, Sheila Stocker, Shirley Hart lost 19-13; Sabina Livermore, Iris Brooker, Chris Mayoss, Maureen King won 29-12.

Another C&M League match, against Crablands, saw Pagham draw 33-33, taking three points.

Scores: Diana Mitchell, Janet Boucher, Sheila Stocker, Gill Conley won 18-14; Sabina Livermore, Maureen King, Iris Brooker, Chris Mayoss lost 19-15.


Telepost 46 Stedham 41

In the Holbrook Cup semi-final at Swansea Gardens, three mixed triples came out winners over Stedham by five shots.

Scores: P Kibby, T Tack, R Streeter won 21-12; D Batchelor, F Moore, D Moore won 19-13; C Mann, M Kibby, B Paige lost 16-6.


Three triples carried Fittleworth to a 56-42 win over Rogate.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Brian Ball, Sue Judd won 20-12; Mike Ryan, Gina Barnfield, Betty Williams won 20-14; Alvar Hetherington, Alan Jordan, Dave Herbert drew 16-16.


Div 1: Witterings 38 Maltravers (6pts) 45 (C Horsley 20 J Sheldon 23, M Aylward 18 B Butcher 22); Crablands (6pts) 42 Chichester 26 (M Brown 22 A Janman 14, C Bowles 20 B Collins 12); Middleton (6pts) 61 Maltravers 31 (M Wootten 29 B Butcher 15; J Gower 32 F Steele 16); Pagham (3pts) 33 Crablands (3pts) 33 (C Mayoss 15 M Brown 19; G Conley 18 C Bowles 14).

Div 2: Petworth (6pts) 57 Beach Park 15 (S Miles 28 S Wilcox 6; C Herbert 29 H Jones 9); Arundel (6pts) 59 Worthing Pavilion 28 (M Wallinger 27 J Garwood 17; P Gear 32 J Lewis 11); Storrington (4pts) 51 Lancing (2pts) 31 (J Ackerman 17 L Gray 24; P Healy 34 I Hooker 7); Arundel (6pts) 50 Shoreham (1pt) 25 (M Wallinger 30 J Daintree 7; P Gear 18 D Howe 18); Storrington (6pts) 56 Petworth 33 (J Ackerman 30 S Miles 16; P Healy 26 C Herbert 17).


The West Sussex premier team will play fewer games than last year after being placed in a group of four with Surrey, East Sussex and Kent.

This gives them a maximum of ten games for the season - six group games and a maximum of four knockout rounds if they feature in the final.

Their games begin away to Surrey on September 24 and continue against East Sussex at home on October 16 and away on October 22, Surrey at home on on October 30, Kent away on November 6 and Kent at home on January 8.