Too hot for Tropics: Pirates take basketball bragging rights

Bognor Pirates beat Worthing Tropics 86-65 in basketball’s Sussex League.

It was an exciting match-up with familiar faces on the opposing team which made it a personal encounter.

Bognor demonstrated their ambition straight from tip-off with Barnes and Buksevics scoring six unanswered fast-break points.

This was softened by a three-pointer from Tropics’ Rudwick, who was to make a habit of this.

Ottley was well-positioned to distribute the ball, though the Tropics’ three-point shooting helped them edge the first quarter 16-12.

In the second quarter, Pirates slowed the tempo slightly and looked for a more composed offence.

This ended with multiple scores from Turner and forced the Tropics to make interior fouls on the Pirates’ big men.

Wilson and Pleskys also saw action, scoring nice lay-ups inside which meant the Pirates ended the first half 38-33 up.

The Tropics showed their energy at the start of the third with good shooting, mostly from beyond the arc, and proved they could stay in the game.

Wakeling was strong inside highlighting his blocking abilities as well as securing big rebounds for the Pirates to exploit the Tropics on the break, with Hardyman getting easy scores.

Coach Robbins was enjoying the pace of the game and McLaren converted multiple opportunities which sparked the Pirates’ offence and they led 66-44 with a quarter to go.

Their attempts to dominate were again thwarted by the Tropics’ three-point tenacity.

Even though their shooting percentage wasn’t necessarily high, the shots they were hitting were tough.

It wasn’t quite enough, though, as the Pirates kept their shape.

PIRATES: McLaren 22, Barnes 18, Turner 15, Buksevics 11, Pleskys 10, Wakeling 6, Wilson 2, Robbins A 1, Parker 1, Robbins A 1, Ottley, Robbins D, Hardyman.