Tone Zone runners rise to new challenges

Tone Zone Runners at Worthing
Tone Zone Runners at Worthing

Worthing’s 20-mile road race is over a challenging distance, broken down into four arduous looping five-mile laps.

Bognor’s Tone Zone runners had an amazing 29 entrants on the day – a club record for the event, making them one of the largest teams present.

Conditions were tough, but Peter Lee continued his good form, finishing first for the club in 2hr 15min, 23rd overall.

Three minutes behind in second place for the club was Danny Mahoney with a personal best. Third was Marius Vitkauskas in 2.21. The first three ladies home were Karen Harrison, Anna Enes and Louisa Proctor, all running PBs.

Other PBs were recorded by Richard Harper, Jim Simmonds, Gary Pidgeon, Colin Hiscock and Sarah Baker.

A few Tone Zoners were new to this course. Amanda Worne put in a great display while Carolyn Stapely continues to get faster. Debbie Pacey and Sam Miles ran together – and smiled all the way.

A week later, many Tone Zoners were back in action. The Selsey 10k was the main draw with 12 taking part. This race had been off the calendar for several years and it was run in great weather.

First for the men, returning after injury, was Paul Jarvis in 43min. Tony Hancock was second in 44mins, fourth in category.

Long-serving club member Jackie Annals was first lady home, producing a fantastic PB of 48min. PBs were also recorded by Marc Edwards, Glenn Penfold and Natalie Tribe.

The Cranleigh Spitfire 20-miler and Cranleigh 21 were – bizarrely – staged on the same day. At the Spitfire, Mandy Worne was first to finish for the club in 2.56, beating Mark Ponsford by a second.

Daniel Hughes and Grace Natoil also competed. The event included a ten-mile race featuring Neil Strudwick, who finished in 1.16.

At the Cranleigh 21, Simon Gill finished 18th overall in 2.23. Paul Coe and Felicity Paton finished in 3.11 and 3.12 retrospectively.

Patricia and Alan Argent were back in action at the Crystal Palace 10k. Patricia ran 57min while husband Alan came in just past the hour mark.

Runners and times – Worthing 20 miles – Peter Lee- 2hr 15mins, Danny Mahoney – 2.18, Marius Vitkauskas – 2.21, Richard Harper – 2.29, Jim Simmons – 2.29, Gary Pidgeon – 2.36, Karen Harrison – 2.36, Anna Enes – 2.38, Ian Bayley – 2.39, Colin Hiscock – 2.42, Louisa Proctor – 2.45, Chris Gallagher – 2.48, Keith Hardwell – 2.48, Paul Coe – 2.52, Kari Hayes – 2.53, Amanda Worne – 2.54, Mark Ponsford – 2.54, Carolyn Stapely – 2.58, Felicity Paton – 2.58, Luke Simmonds – 3.01, Ian Culton – 3.05, Simon Dugdale – 3.09, Debbie Pacey – 3.24, Paul Stevenson – 3.24, Sam Miles – 3.24, Stephen Goddard – 3.18, Stuart Thomson – 3.24, Sarah Barker – 3.34, Jo Langrish – 3.58.

Surrey Spitfire 20 - Amanda Worne – 2.56, Mark Ponsford – 2.56, Daniel Hughes – 3.17, Grace Natoli – 3.23.

Selsey 10k. Paul Jarvis – 41mins 11sec, Tony Hancock – 44.29, Tony Holcombe – 45.31, Marc Edwards – 45.48, Glenn Penfold – 47.48, Marc Annals – 48.39, Jackie Annals – 48.40, Stuart Thomson – 52.48, Natalie Tribe – 53.12, Clair Jordan – 57.09, Leslie Ward – 58.10, Mike Monk – 1.00.36.

Crainleigh 21 - Simon Gill – 2hr 23mins, Ian Bayley – 2.58, Paul Coe – 3.11, Felicity Paton 3.12.