Three cheers for fencing fundraisers - and one new chair for Viv

Viv Mills is hoping for glory at the 2012 Games
Viv Mills is hoping for glory at the 2012 Games

Chichester Fencing Club have told of their gratitude after a fundraising drive netted cash which will help send champion wheelchair fencer Viv Mills to 2012 Paralympics.

The club held a fenceathon to raise funds for a new chair which will mean Viv’s training programme can now be put in place.

That means her chances of going to – and doing well in – the Paralympics when they’re held in the Uk in line with next year’s London Olympics have been hugely increased.

The chair enables her to train correctly – as her competitors have been able to for a very long time.

Sharon Blackman from the Chichester club said: “Particular thanks go to all the club’s children who with amazing efforts in fundraising and many hours of fencing at the fencathon managed to raise nearly £600.

“Also, huge thanks go to Peter Beadle, who at only 16, managed to fence for nearly all the 11 hours the fenceathon lasted for. Thanks also to all the non-fencing public who kindly gave towards the chair.

“I’m sure they will join with all of us at the club in wishing Viv every success in 2012.”