Sussex is a bowls hotspot

Sussex players competing in the singles qualifiers  Photo by Louise Adams C121758
Sussex players competing in the singles qualifiers Photo by Louise Adams C121758

Sussex has been highlighted as one of five key areas in the country for bowls, according to the annual Active People Survey carried out by Sport England to discover how active the population is at present.

Nationally, bowls is one of nine sports overall that has registered an increase in participation, and it has the fourth largest increase overall in a line-up that includes cycling, canoeing and athletics.

Active Sussex is one of five county sports partnerships designated as a hotspot in England and it is working with the Sussex County Bowls Association and the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) to increase awareness and participation in the sport – particularly for the 55-plus age group.

A number of initiatives, taster days and roadshows are keeping bowls firmly in the limelight.

During the summer, bowls received maximum exposure when a Play Bowls Roadshow, in partnership with the BDA and county bowls officials, took place along Worthing seafront during the national championships.

Rob Hardy from Active Sussex said: “Bowls offers not only to the opportunity to keep active and play sport but also to socialise and make new friends. Active Sussex is keen to support clubs with both developing the sport and maintain and grow their membership.”

This year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow will provide a further boost to the sport when it features lawn bowls in its line-up.

Eight disciplines will take place, including two para-sport events for bowlers who are visually impaired or have a physical disability.

The Commonwealth Games will be a great opportunity for clubs to plan their own local ‘play bowls’ days and fun sessions around the dates of the big event.


Norfolk Cubs 36 Lavant Green 39

Lavant Green played away to Norfolk Cubs.

Four shots on the first end were no help to Green on mat one. It was 10-10 after 11 ends before Cubs went a shot up with four ends to go - but Green stuck on 14. Cubs, aided by a five-shot end, won by seven shots.

There was a reversal of fortune for Green on mat two. After a bad start they were four shots up at end 16 and eventually won by ten shots.

Scores: B Copeland (skip), J Powell, P Lee, C Martin lost 22-15; K Fancy (skip), M Keane, E Keane, C Beardmore won 24-14.


Donnington entertained Chilgrove in an enjoyable evening of bowls followed by supper. Donnington won 48-22.

Scores: L Brooks, T Haigh, A Balham beat B Shapero, P Mace, M Pitter 19-14; R Stone, T Wilson, C Hulbert beat C Phillips, M Kennedy, J Wingate 29-8.


Hunston played at Fittleworth and won on two mats and lost on the other - but lost overall 62-56.

Scores: B Hodnett, R Streeter, P Guyatt, S Clay won 24-17; D Greenfield, J Stubbs F Franklin A Hack lost 37-10; P Franklin, M Streeter, A Hale, T Hack won 22-8.


Midhurst Eagles visited Pulborough and came away with a 41-29 win.

One mat took a seven-shot lead after six ends and held the lead to the end of the game.

The second mat had a very close game and were even all the way to the 19th end, when Midhurst clinched the victory.

Scores: S Glazebrook, I Frost, R Carn, R Weeks won 21-14; A Carn, D Berry, J Etheridge-Barns, T Berry won 20-15.


Arun ladies lost 134-100 when they entertained Sutton.

Scores: S Judd, E Lawrence, O Silva, F Ireland won 17-16; L Sadler, C Mayoss, L Hathaway, B Jones lost 21-17; F Downing, E Cooke, M Fair, C Horsley won 23-17; E Fitch, M Rankin, M Potter, J Whetstone lost 29-9; I Brooker, L Carthew, P Terry, M Richards won 20-16; C Dunham, K Burnard, I Morris, G Conley lost 35-14.

Arun played a mixed match against Norfolk BC and won 112-108.

Scores: S Pugh, P Rampton, I Hart, J Muffett won 20-19; E Keywood, T Jennings, D Goodenough, S Judd won 26-19; K Burt, K Burnard, J Taffurelli, PJ White won 22-16; P Chivers, V Greenaway, E Hall, E King won 22-11; P Easterbrook, K Young D Watkins, M King lost 26-9; P Corkett, A Harrison, D Young, P Terry lost 17-13.

Arun ladies played Adur ladies in the fifth round of the national Mason’s competition and, after a very close game, lost 44-40.

Scores: C Hobbs, S Judd, B Spicer, A Janman drew 20-20; D Anderson, B Collins, S Miles, W Adams lost 24-20.

Grattons 113 Arun 105

Arun travelled to Grattons for a close match, winning on two rinks and drawing on two rinks.

At half-time Grattons were well ahead, but Arun rallied only to lose seven on the last end.

Scores: T Bridge, J Gilpin, C Radford, N Waddock drew 21-21; J Sparrow, D Spink, J Edwards, P Lichfield won 25-16; M Fair, J Dyke, D Young, S Payne lost 24-10; J Watson, W Branford, B Sanford, R Gardner won 18-16; T Jennings, J Fox, A Hunt, G Herrington drew 18-18; C Burnard, A Stewart, D Fair, J Olliver lost 18-13.

Arun 135 Eastbourne 123

Arun entertained Eastbourne and it was close throughout, with skipper J Newell taking top rink for Arun.

Scores: R Lincoln, I Nelson, B Sales, J Muffett won 19-15; C Chester, J Gilpen, L Hall, M Johnson drew 23-23; P Easterbrook, H Campbell, D Ford, A Avery lost 24-20; R Corkett, W Branford, J Olliver, A Anderson lost 27-13; K Burt, D Spink, J Fox, P White won 26-20; T Bridge, G Herrington, B Sanford, J Newell won 34-14.