Slow start costs Midhurst as Heath show their teeth

Conditions were cold but at least dry for Midhurst’s home game against Haywards Heath - although the pitch did get fairly muddy during the game, making running and ball handling a little more difficult.

Midhurst, who ended up losing 36-12, got off to a slow start and Haywards Heath put them under pressure.

Showing Midhurst up with fast and direct passing, they stretched Midhurst’s line of defence to create gaps - allowing Haywards Heath to score twice within the first five minutes.

Midhurst seemed to lack a sense of bonding and were playing a very individual game which allowed Heath once again to cruise down the wing and score.

After their earely struggles, Midhurst did what they do best: lifted their heads and fought back.

With the forwards finding their power, they held strong, binding well and making ground.

Stephen Adams fired the ball from the scrum, it moved along the line of backs and landed in the hands of winger Nick Moore, whose carefully-timed pass to full-back Jack Hamilton-Fox produced Midhurst’s first try of the game. This gave Midhurst a new lease of life and they dug deep to rattle Haywards Heath.

Midhurst gained more ground and spent a lot more time in the second half in Haywards Heath territory. Perseverance prevailed and Midhurst crossed they line again for a crashing try from Derreck Bratley.