Skiing: Cooper ‘can be new Chemmy Alcott’

Yasmin Cooper shows the style that's seen her tipped as the new Chemmy Alcott
Yasmin Cooper shows the style that's seen her tipped as the new Chemmy Alcott

Chichester ski star Yasmin Cooper has been tipped as the new Chemmy Alcott after rounding off a fantastic winter by being selected for the British children’s ski team for the fourth year in a row.

The director of the British Ski Aacademy, Malcolm Erskine said: “In her own quiet way Yasmin Cooper is by far the most exciting prospect for the British women’s ski team since Chemmy.

“Yasmin has already reached a world-class level for under-16s in Alpine ski racing and has all the attributes to reach the top.”

They’re encouraging words for the 13-year-old from such a highly-regarded figure in skiing, who added: “Her passion for the sport is matched by an excellent physique, training ethic and courage. That she is also a modest girl makes her all the more noteworthy.”

The comments follow another brilliant season for Cooper.

She has dominated British children’s skiing this year with seven race wins and five podium places. This success culminated in Cooper winning her first speed event – taking the Super-G title at the British championships in Meribel, France.

Other highs in a sensational year include selection for the two biggest international children’s skiing competitions in Europe. For the third year in a row Cooper tested herself against the world’s best in Topolino, Italy, and Pokal Loka, Slovenia. After falling in the GS she finished 26th in the slalom race in Topolino.

Cooper said: “In the slalom, I had an okay first run but was one of the last to go down second run, so it was ridiculously bumpy.”

This season has seen a huge progression in GS for Cooper. “I’m starting to connect with my skis now and I’m looking forward to carrying that on to next season,” she added.

When not racing, Cooper has been training at the British Ski Academy.

She can train on the slopes and keep up to date with her schoolwork, provided by the supportive Chichester High School for Girls.

Cooper has had a well-deserved break before gearing up for summer skiing in preparation for next winter.

She said: “I will do some training at Hemel indoor ski centre with the very supportive Hemel ski racing club, as well as indoor snow races every few weekends.”

Cooper is backed by leading skiing brand Salomon, providing her with top-class skis, while Bognor company Ski Bitz provide support with skiing equipment.

She is helped by the British children’s team sponsor Trespass and the Skiers Trust of Great Britain. Other financial support is decreasing, which could jeopardise her prospects.

Cooper is looking to secure a place into the junior (over-16s) squad in two years. To follow Cooper, visit