Singles success for Bognor’s darts stars

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The Bognor Friday Night League’s cup action came to an end with the divisional singles competitions.

In division one 24 players turned up and the semi-finals involved The Wheatsheaf’s Cliff Prior and Chichester’s Chris Gatford, and Royal Oak team-mates Mick Rowland and Nick Spicer. Gatford, last year’s losing finalist, couldn’t get past the might of Prior and Rowland powered past Spicer. In the final Rowland was a ton machine and took the title.

The division-two contest comprised 23 players. In the semis, Cabin team-mates Ian Dendy and Karen Wilson and Friary C’s Tim McCarthy and the BRSA’s Pete Mitchell fought it out. Dendy knocked out Wilson to take on McCarthy, who squeezed out Mitchell.

McCarthy couldn’t quite keep with Dendy who took the title.

The division-three contest attracted a disappointing number - just eight. The last four were Chichester’s Adi Linfield, BRSA’s Matt Bourner and Newtown team-mates Matt Lawler and Matt Shoebridge.

Sussex Super League players Linfield and Bourner fought hard but Linfield made it through to the final. Shoebridge got past Lawler to take the second spot. Linfield took the title with ease, adding the title to his Captains title won last week.

Tomorrow night sees the presentation and a blind trebles knockout at the Bognor Legion.

Bognor Star Darts League

The Bognor Tuesday Night League has come to a conclusion.

Results: Men’s Tuesday Night League: Singles winners The Richmond (203pts), R/UP The Wheatsheaf (176). Doubles winners The Wheatsheaf (35), R/UP Claremont A (31). Captain winner: Jason Hills (20), R/UP: James Greenfield (18), Adi Linfield (18). Team tons: Richmond (389), R/UP: Wheatsheaf (387), 3rd: Claremont A (344). Top Averages: James Greenfield (4538), Jason Hills (4461), Gary Blackwood (4047), Lee Gladman (3695), Simon Wood (3513), Steve Wright (3481), Cliff Prior (3387). Tons Trophy: Gary Blackwood (14629), Jason Hills (14264), James Greenfield (14079), Cliff Prior (11867), Andy Whiteley (11863). Team 180s: Claremont A (17), Richmond (13), Wheatsheaf (11), Royal Oak (6), Railway (5). Individual 180s: Gary Blackwood (10), James Greenfield (9), Jason Hills (6), Andy Whitely (5), Cliff Prior (4), Dave Mitchell (3), 11 players on (2), 14 x players on (1). Top 12 Players: 1 James Greenfield (4538) (14079), 2 Jason Hills (4461) (14264), 3 Gary Blackwood (4047) (14629), 4 Lee Gladman (3695) (11852), 5 Simon Wood (3513) (9961), 6 Steve Wright (3481) (11401), 7 Cliff Prior (3387) (11867), 8 Andy Whiteley (2936) (11863), 9 Mick Rowland (2771) (11105), 10 Chris Gatford (2743) (8922), 11 Richard Ragless (2729) (9949), 12Andy Hills (2567) (9191).

Sussex County Super League

With a break in the fixtures, Littlehampton kept their eye in with a friendly against the Littlehampton Locals. They ran out 9-0 winners.

Results: Terry Howse bt Don Stone 3-0; Mick Rowland bt Karen Winter 3-2; Adi Linfield bt Joe Osman 3-2; Cliff Prior bt Mick Rodgers 3-1; Matt Bourner bt Conner Durham 3-2; Craig Stoner bt Mark Walker 3-1; Andy Hills bt Gary Lambert 0; Gary Blackwood bt Darrin Bird 3-1; James Stephenson bt Graeme Dutton 3-2. 180s: Karen Winter, Cliff Prior, Conner Durham, Gary Blackwood. HSO: Graeme Dutton (130).

Coming Events

Sunday, October 30, Lancing Open, Empire Club, registration midday; Saturday, November 5, Wick Open, Wick FC, reg 11am; Saturday, November 12, Dave Young Memorial, Broadbridge Heath Village Centre, reg 10.30; Sunday, November 20, Chichester Open, Chichester Snooker Club.