Singles night sees perfect match-ups in Bognor

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THE divisional singles knockouts in the Tuesday Double-in League took place at Newtown Social Club and 29 players took part in the division-one knockout, in which a couple of big names went out in the first round.

The first two quarter-finals saw Ben Marley (Claremont) see off Dave Owens (Royal Oak) and Rob Misselbrook

(Hunston Club) go out to Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker A).

Claremont pairs finalists Gary Blackwood and Cliff Prior came up against each other and Blackwood showed why he was top of the averages.

Chris Gatford (Hunston Club) benefitted from missed doubles by Dean Knight (Neptune Selsey) to get through.

Finals night takes place at the end of the season and the Singles KO semi-finals will be played then.

The Claremont could hog all the knockouts on finals night, but the Hunston Club and Chi Snooker A aim to push them out of the singles.

A quieter division-two knockout attracted 18 players.

The first quarter-final saw Les Totham (Wheatsheaf) take on Daz Whiting (Aldwick Legion). Despite being lower in the averages, Totham got the doubles he needed.

The second pitted Newtown team-mates Lewis Campling and Steve Aizlewood against one another. Aizlewood showed why he is the second best player in the division.

Micky Rowland (Aldwick Legion) and Gary Pay (Chi Snooker C) had little between them before Rowland’s darts deserted him, allowing Pay to hit the doubles he needed.

Against Bradley Marshall (Richmond Raiders), Andy Whiteley (Chi Snooker C)showed his experience to reach the semi-finals.

Friday Benevolent League

Week 13’s top performance came from Hayley Gatford (Chi Snooker B) with 17 and 25 darts and a match-winning average of 23.86.

Other top performances: Gary Blackwood 16 & 18 darts; Chris Williams 18 & 27; Chris Gatford 18 & 31; Andy Cooke 19 & 23; Luke Forden 21 & 26; Graeme Dutton 23 & 25; Ian Hills 19 & 32; Brian Laker 23 & 24; Alex

Norgett 24 & 26; Tim McCarthy 28 & 31; Mark R Todd 21 & 23; Joe Osman 21 & 25; Dave Bourne 21 & 26; John Abbott 23 & 24; Joe Osman 21 & 27; Dave Bourne 25 & 37. Highest out shots: Richard Todd (106); Joe Osman (72); Luke Forden (130); Gary Blackwood (122); Chris Williams (118); Andy Cooke (91); Sam Burgess (70); Alex Norgett (97); Mick Deadman (97); Joe Osman (105); Mick Delaney (97); Dave Bourne (74).

180s: Joe Osman; Hayley Gatford; Chris Gatford; Joe Osman; John Abbott; Lewis Campling.

Results: Div 1 - Chi Snooker B 15 Royal Oak A 6; Wheatsheaf 8 POW Z 13; Claremont 17 Legion A 44. Div 2: Chi Snooker C 14 Newtown SC A 6; Friary C 12 ASC 8; Newtown SC X 8 Chi Snooker A 14. Div 3: Aldwick Legion 5 BRSA B 17; Aldwick Barn 12 R Royals 10; BRSA II 9 Ship Inn 13. Older results: Ship Inn 10 BRSA II 10; Aldwick Legion 11 R Rebels 10.