Shield doesn’t yield any consolation for West Sussex bowlers

Donnington members gather for their annual spoon drive
Donnington members gather for their annual spoon drive

West Sussex’s Premier team lost in the quarter-final of the Inter-County Consolation Shield against Northamptonshire at Northampton.

They started steadily, sharing the points in the first session with the two pairs winning and the two singles losing. But they struggled in the second session, winning only one game, and trailed 10-6 at lunch.

In the afternoon the singles again lost but the pairs won and drew, and with the bonus points gained in the pairs West Sussex needed to win three of the four games in the final session. Unfortunately they could not manage this, ending up with just one point and lost the match 28-12.

In the singles, The Martlets’ Chris Blackman lost 12-8 and 16-5 and Bognor’s Brian Mills lost 23-9 and 19-9. In the pairs Lavant’s Peter Whale with The Martlets’ Jim Noton won 15-10 and drew 12-12 while The Martlets’ Malcolm Rollings won 13-11 and 12-8.

In the triples Lavant’s John Simms lost 10-7 and 21-5 and Bognor’s Brenda Jones lost 10-7 and 14-9. In the fours Lavant’s Peter Winter lost 7-5 and drew 7-7 while Bognor’s Eric Jones won 10-7 and lost 12-5.

The combined West Sussex A and B team visited Kent for the annual Triples Shield. It is competed for between the two counties each year, with each county hosting the event in alternate years.

As holders, West Sussex were anxious to retain the trophy which is played for by a team of 12 triples on each side. West Sussex started slowly, losing the first session 9-3, but improved slightly in the second session to be 16-8 behind at lunch.

In the third session points were shared 6-6 which left them needing to win five of the last six games to retain the trophy. Unfortunately they could only manage two wins and Kent took the trophy 30-18.

Lavant’s Dominic May and Ray Harding lost 12-5 and won 9-8 while club-mate Peter Lee lost 15-11 and 11-4 and Jackie Lee with Barnham’s Pam Andrews lost 14-5 and 14-5.

Bognor’s Betty Williams, Resi Wiedenhoeft and Marlene Steel lost 12-5 and 21-2 while Barnham’s Clive Andrews drew 7-7 and won 15-5. Southbourne’s Karen Alner, Andy Smith and Dave Alner lost 21-1 and won 11-7 whilst club-mate Robin Armstrong won 13-10 and lost 9-6.


Midhurst Eagles played their last two friendlies of the season before they move into the New Grange next week.

The first match against West Wittering was very close with one mat scraping home to win by one shot and the other winning by seven shots to give Midhurst a 41-33 win.

Scores: B Fallows, D Berry, S Weeks, T Berry won 24-17; M Fallows, L Mercer, S Glazebrook, R Weeks won 17-16.

The second match, against West Chiltington, was also very close but not quite so successful, with two mats being even on the 19th and 20th ends but Midhurst just losing out to let West Chiltington take the match 60-46.

Scores: A Knight, D Berry, S Weeks, T Berry lost 16-15; M Fallows, L Mercer, J Etheridge-Barns, R Weeks lost 27-16; S Tate, I Frost, B Fallows, S Glazebrook lost 17-15.

Eagles members posed for pictures at their final roll-up at the old Grange.


Lavant Green hosted Nyetimber Gold for a league match. Each league team won a mat each and Nyetimber took the overall win.

Scores: Stella Singleton, George Booker, Tony Mussell, Richard Stevens won 33-7; Lynton Griffiths, Alan Crew, Barbara Crew, Irene Hathaway lost 19-17; (friendly): Jimmy Smith, Catherine Plummer, Carol Sands, Nigel Plummer lost 20-14.

Nyetimber Green’s league tussle with Norfolk resulted in a good win for the Greens.

Scores: Cyril Searle, David Harding, Jim Chaplain, Shirley Syrrett won 23-15; Brian Boiling, Elwyn Morgan, Francis Hollebone, Denise Kirby won 25-7; (friendly): Peta Watters, Jean Morgan, Arthur Guppy, Peter Watters lost 22-19.

A friendly away to Barnham resulted in a close encounter.

Scores: Una Purcell, Elwyn Morgan, Francis Hollebone, Barbara Crew lost 19-14; Freddie Kaucher, Jean Morgan, Pam Smith, Jim Chaplain won 27-9; Alan Crew, George Booker, Nigel Plummer, Tony Mussell lost 20-10.


Arun were well-represented at the Sussex County Fives competition at Gratton IBC.

The first event was the fours and Ray Leggett, Mick Edgecock, Mat Bonnar and Tony Sayers of Arun won their match.

Next up was the singles and Arun’s Tony Arnold won his game, bringing the Arun score to two wins and four points.

In the pairs, Ray Leggett and Mat Bonnar won, meaning Arun were on six points going into the last game.

The Arun triples team, knowing one other team had the same points, knew they had to win to have a chance of taking home the county cup for Arun.

Tony Arnold, Mick Edgecock and Tony Sayers had a close game and going into the last few ends, Arun were holding two - and on the last end, a weighted shot clipped the jack back for two and the game was won by four.

So Arun were the winners of the 2014 Sussex county fives with eight points with a 53-shot advantage over their rivals. The occasion was attended by Allan Hilton, the Sussex president, in this 50th anniversary year of the SCIBA.

Grattons 126 Arun 103

Arun travelled to Grattons for a game of two halves. At half-time Arun were just in front but as the game progressed they slipped behind to lose the match by 23 shots.

Scores: T Jennings, J Gilpin, D Goodenough, B Why won 16-15; P Hamnett, T Bridge, P Phillips, J Muffett lost 20-18; P Easterbrook, M Kemp, C Burnard, A Avery lost 21-19; R Lincoln, W Branford, D Parker, T Sayers won 23-20; J Watson, D Spink, K Burt, P White lost 21-9; C Chester, I Hart, B Sales, S Payne lost 29-18.

Arun 131 Sutton 112

Arun won when they entertained Sutton in a friendly.

Scores: K Moody, J Watson, J Fox, E Dewing lost 32-16; T Jennings, D Spink, J Olliver, F Taylor won 22-15; J Sparrow, A Stewart, E Mitchell, B Horsely won 20-17; R Corkett, W Branford, B Sanford, C Burnard won 20-18; P Green, I Nelson, M Campbell, M English won 26-14; P Easterbrook, D Taffurelli, L Hall, J Newell won 27-16.

Arun IBC 133 Adur 90

When Arun play Adur, it’s always a little like a typical derby - very competitive. Despite this, Arun romped ahead to win by 43 shots. Arun won on all six rinks.

Scores: L Sadler, J Brazier, S Jones, J Olliver. won 28-15; E Keywood, B Williams, G Dunham, C Burnard. won 20-18; C Chester, B Lawson, M Steel, J Fox won 23-12; D Mitchell, P Linhfield, D Young, B Sanford won 21-17; I Brooker, J Watson, A Hunt, E Mitchell won 23-16; G Whittaker, K Young, V Rayner, L Hall 18-12.

At East Dorset, Arun Ladies put up a very strong fight against North Wilts in the quarter-finals of the Yetton Plate but lost 88-69.

Scores: I Morris, S Jones, P Terry, S Miles lost 20-11; I Brooker, S Stocker, G Conley, M Richards lost 20-12; D Anderson, B Collins, B Spicer, A Janman lost 28-18; C Hobbs, M Phillips, D Latter, W Adams won 22-20.


A win for Lavant Red at home to Bognor Goodwoods Green ensured their move into county division one for next season.

Mat one were 17 shots up after ten ends. Bognor responded but Lavant kept up the pressure for a win. A good start by Lavant on mat two was enough to keep them in front, Bognor pushing hard to be just one shot down at end 19.

The last two ends went to Lavant to clinch the game. The friendly also went Lavant’s way.

LAVANT: P Winter (skip), D May, R Peirce, J Simms won 36-16; P Whale (skip), P Beardmore, J Sharrod, R Harding won 22-15; (friendly): T Boxall (skip), L Kneale, E Keane, Y Squires won 30-17.


Donnington 45 Arundel 38

Donnington entertained Arundel and in a close-fought match, they won by seven shots.

Scores: W Dean, D Turner, R Stone, A Balham lost by three shots; L Brooks, T Wilson, T Haigh, C Hulbert won by ten shots.

Donnington players took part in their annual spoon drive. The winner this year was Vic Mitchell, who beat Joan Jones by one shot.


Fittleworth 56 Crablands 26

In their league match against Crablands, Fittleworth won on both mats - gaining six points.

Scores: Muriel Cook, Gina Barnfield, Bernard Adsett, Dave Herbert won 28-15; Audrey Hodgson, Alvar Etherington, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin won 28-11; (friendly): Arthur Ellcome, Lyn White, Eileen Warrington, Edna Henly won 24-18.

Fittleworth 41 Bury 46

Scores: Nancy Goodyer, Peter Cook, Bernard Adsett lost 13-11; Arthur Ellcome, Tessa Clegg, Gina Barnfield won 20-14; Muriel Cook, Tony Broughton, Sue Judd lost 19-10.

Clapham & Patching 34 Fittleworth 51

Scores: Arthur Ellcome, Eileen Warrington, Jane Adsett, Bernard Adsett won 34-15; Audrey Hodgson, Angela Reader, Alvar Etherington, Gina Barnfield lost 19-17.


Crablands Bitterns played Nyetimber Gold at home and won on both league mats, gaining all six points, but lost on the friendly mat.

Scores: Peter Latchford, Yvonne Clifton, Jim Saunders and Terry Axworthy won 24-13; Jean Tolhurst, Elaine Sadler, Ted Murrell and Roy Tolhurst won 25-16; (friendly): Les Howland, Trevor Wilson, Wally Obermayer and Jan Obermayer lost 34-19.

Crablands Cormorants hosted Fittleworth but lost on all three mats.

Scores: Jan Obermayer, Joan Taylor, Martin Hunt and Joyce Heritage lost 28-15; Joyce Abel, Les Jewiss, Brian Berry and Mollie Back lost 28-11; (friendly): Doe Berry, Gwen Coombes, Don Jonas and Jim Saunders lost 24-18.

A Crablands ladies-versus-gents match resulted in a 69-57 win for the ladies.

Scores: Brenda Howes, Stevie Brooks and Sylvia Gray lost 20-11 to Nick Attfield, Chris Bond and Trevor Wilson; Doe Berry, Barbara Bond and Iris Brown lost 18-11 to Jim Saunders, Peter Latchford and Brian Berry; Barbara Attfield, Sheila Plaistow and Joyce Heritage beat Les Howland, Don Jonas and Trevor Plaistow 24-8; Meg Pocock, Yvonne Clifton and Jan Obermayer beat Nigel Reynolds, Terry Axworthy and Geoff Brown 23-11.