Sherwood strikes gold at British indoor rowing finals

Marcus Sherwood won gold in the capial C110317-2
Marcus Sherwood won gold in the capial C110317-2

CHICHESTER won two golds at the British Indoor Rowing Championships at the London Velodrome in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The championships attracted more than 2,000 entrants in a range of age and weight categories.

The sight of 150 rowing machines lined up and all in use simultaneously was truly impressive, and it was good to see the event was supported by some of the great names of the GB rowing team.

In the masters category Marcus Sherwood, 65, became British champion, completing the 2,000m with a clear lead of 20 metres.

Meanwhile James Stapleton, who has also trained at the Chichester Westgate centre, completed his 40-plus category race in an impressive time of 6min 49.2sec.

The championships provide an open event to attract allcomers, so any readers who use a rowing machine at their gym and fancy the chance of competing in an Olympic venue should think about going for it next year.