Pett wins prizes but it’s not enough for Chichester

Olly Pett won his game for Chichester
Olly Pett won his game for Chichester

Chichester were beaten when they travelled to St George’s Hill, Weybridge, for their second away fixture of the first half of the Premier Squash League season.

Such is the standard of the PSL this season a 3-2 loss can be seen as a positive.

Jackie Kemp, making her second appearance for Chichester, dominated against Dominique Lloyd Walter from the start. She played a relatively error-free game and ran out a 3-0 winner in just 29 minutes.

Robbie Temple had a great match against St George’s Henrik Mustonen. Temple, focused and very determined, forged an early lead; taking the first 11-8. He led 9-6 in the second before slipping and losing his focus. Mustonen (Finland) seized his chance to snatch it 11-9.

The third was neck and neck but Mustonen was resolute and took it 12-10 to level the tie. In the fourth Temple took an early 8-4 lead before cramp in his racket hand inhibited his play. Mustonen again seized the initiative to take the game and match 11-8.

Olly Pett (Chichester) played Alex Ingham. Pett’s play was dazzling but at times inconsistency crept in. He led 2-1 in games and then forged a superb 10-1 lead in the fourth. Ingham crept back to 10-7 before Pett staunchly closed it out 11-8 for Chichester to give them a 2-1 lead.

Chichester’s new signing Rex Hedrick (world 66), was up against Tom Richards (world 22). Richards played a similar game to Hedrick but Richards proved too strong and he ran out a 11-5, 11-6, 11-3 winner to force a match decider.

Finally Chichester’s Jon Kemp played world No8 Borja Golan. Golan was a class apart and the pressure on Kemp showed as, on this occasion, there were more tins than nicks. Golan won 3-0 to give St George’s Hill a 3-2 win.

Chichester are fourth in Group B but only two points behind St George’s in third.

The next match is at home next Tuesday (December 10) to league leaders Exeter Diamonds - the last match of the first half of the season.

The match starts at 7pm and tickets are on sale now on 01243 785664.

Playing for Chichester will be the same four men and Lauren Briggs, returning after injury.