Parrett’s happy with an overdue TT finish

MARK PARRETT knows you have to take the rough with the smooth when it comes to the Isle of Man TT, but he could not help but force a smile after recording his first finish in 2012.

The Midhurst ace found himself riding high in 21st in Saturday’s Dainese Superbike race before technical problems forced him to retire only two miles from the finish line.

For Monday’s Monster Energy Supersport Race Parrett was hoping Lady Luck would smile on him.

And after completing the four laps of the 37.73mile Mountain Course at an average speed of 117.7mph Parrett was beaming with his 18th-place finish.

“It feels nice to get a finish after Saturday. I got 220 miles done, then in the last two miles it conked out,” he said.

“It took me the first lap to get into it. It’s the first time we have been out this season, we didn’t get over to Northern Ireland, so it was alright. Once the first lap was out of the way we started picking the pace up but it was steady.

“We said we want top-20 finishes, any top-15 finishes would be a bonus.

“Practice week was all right. In the big bike we pulled up at Ramsey on Monday, and then I clipped the wall on Wednesday, so my back is bruised.

“We could have done with more time, and practice being called off early twice didn’t help at all.”

But despite his big bike letting him down on Saturday, Parrett wasted no time in getting back in the saddle for the Royal London 360 Superstock.

He continued to impress, coming home in 23rd with a best lap of over 120mph, and admitted afterwards that just to finish races round the island was an achievement after far-from-ideal preparations.

“It has been a hampered build-up. If I had gone to the North West 200, I could have gone a lot quicker,” he added.

“It was a conscious decision to focus purely on the TT.”

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