Legion closure means Bognor darts aces are on move

Bognor’s Friday and Tuesday darts teams are on the move following the closure of the Bognor British Legion.

It has been the leagues’ competition venue for the past few years and has served them well.

The committee has looked at many possibile new venues, and after lots of talking have decided one venue meets their needs - Newtown Social Club.

It is central for many teams, has enough room to take all the players who have been taking part in recent years, and can also help the committee with storing free-standing dart boards.

They hope to stay with them for many years.

However the first Friday League knockout takes place on November 23 and can’t be held at Newtown SC because of prior bookings for that date.

Rearranging of knockouts has been done and Aldwick British Legion will help fill the gap. They have shown interest recently by entering a team on Tuesdays, and now one of the Bognor Legion teams is moving there.

All Tuesday Double-In League knockouts will now be at Newtown SC.

The Friday Benevolent League knockouts have been moved around slightly, so check out the updated fixture list at www.bognor-darts.co.uk

The committee thanked all the venues they have talked to.

Tuesday Double-In League

Top performance of the week come from Sam Abrehart (Royal Oak) with 18 and 24 darts and a match-winning average of 23.86.

Other top performances: Adi Linfield (Snooker A) 19 & 28 darts; Barry Foster (Lamb Steyne) 23 & 24; Hayley Gatford (Hunston Club) 23 & 25; Andy Whiteley (Chi Snooker C) 20 & 31; Wayne Owen (Newtown SC) 26 & 27 darts; Rob Palmer (Felpham Pirates) 26 & 27. Highest in shots: Andy Stubbs (120); Pat Wilson (116); Dave Mitchell (112); Sam Abrehart (112); Neil Conn (105 & 100); Simon Bradley (101); Dave Cox (117); Andy Whiteley (112); Ian Hackett (112); Gary Pay (105); Steve Aizlewood (100). Highest out shots: Sam Abrehart (129); Keith Robinson (126); Andy Stubbs (103); Simon Bradley (84); Adam Norgett (86); Andy Whiteley (68); Vince Goddings (57). 180s: Pete Lagden; Trish Kidd; Dave Cox.

Results: Div 1 - Lamb Steyne 2 Hunston Club 7; Chi Snooker A 5 Royal Oak 4; Neptune 2 Claremont 7. Div 2: Aldwick Legion 7 Richmond A 2; Felpham Pirates 5 Newtown SC 4; Richmond Raiders 3 Chi Snooker C 6.