Lavant bowlers leave Nyetimber Green with envy


Lavant Green were at home to Nyetimber Green and followed up their earlier away win with equal success.

Tony Bleach’s team got off to a good start and never looked back, being six shots up at the end.

Bill Cooper’s team, after losing the first two ends, were 14 shots up at the finish.

Keith Fancy’s friendly team kept the winning streak going, winning by nine shots.

Scores: T Bleach, B Copeland,

S Lillywhite, M Lillywhite won 25-19;

B Cooper, V Frost, P Lillywhite,

W Cooper won 25-11; (friendly)

K Fancy, D Shears, P Lee, C Stubbs won 21-12.

Lavant Green’s visit to Walberton was an up-and-down affair. Tony Bleach’s team got away to a flying start and kept up the good work to take a good win by 14 shots.

Bill Cooper’s team weren’t so lucky, suffering heavy scoring against, but did well to keep their score going under pressure. Lavant got bonus points for their shot aggregate by just two shots.

John Heasman’s friendly team played well with consistently-high scoring in the second half, from being eight shots each after nine ends.

Scores: T Bleach, B Copeland,

M Bleach, M Lillywhite won 27-19;

B Cooper, S Lillywhite, P Lillywhite,

W Cooper lost 27-15; (friendly)

J Heasman, R Harding, P Lee,

E Keane won 33-9.

Lavant Red hosted Mannings Heath White Squirrels. Peter Winter’s team, in a low scoring game, were 10-9 behind after the 15th end. Squirrels won the next four ends with single shots and then five shots on a hard-fought last end to take the game.

Peter Whale’s team kept the lead throughout their game but Squirrels scored enough shots on the last four ends to deny Lavant the match bonus points.

Scores: P Winter, R Peirce, K Fancy,

J Simms lost 19-10; P Whale, T Boxall, P Beardmore, R Harding won 19-14.


Good-Woods Silvers played Fittleworth in a league match, winning on both mats and taking all six points.

M Williams, B Baines, P Smith and F Kaucher (skip) had a fairly even game until the 11th end, when Silvers took five shots followed by Fittleworth responding taking five shots back on end 12.

From then on, Silvers led all the way ending with a score of 35-14.

B Williams, A Nutt, D Lovell and J Hanson (skip) were 7-4 down after five ends but pulled clear after that, going on to win 30-11. The friendly mat saw G Roope, R Jalley, B Williams and M Steel (skip) lead all the way with a final score of 31-10.


Nyetimber Gold returned to the top of the table after beating Walberton, taking all six points.

A Crew, J Leake, R Knibb and S Syrett (skip) won 25-10 while G King, B Crew, G Booker and T Mussell (skip) won 25-16 for an overall score of 50-26.

Gold also won well on the friendly mat where C Plummer, A Booker, A Guppy and N Plummer (skip) won 28-13.

There was an exciting finish to Nyetimber’s match at Crablands – between the top two teams in the division.

On the last end, Bitterns were holding five shots when Gold skip Shirley Syrett took the final shot of the match, and produced what both teams acclaimed a ‘miracle shot’ to steal the end and maintain the six-shot winning margin.

On the other mat, Irene Hathaway’s team were sinking into oblivion at end 18, finding themselves 20-7 down.

They them produced a comeback which gave them two fours with a loss of one shot in between.

This reduced the deficit to 21-15 to draw the match and send both teams home with three points each.

Scores: A Crew, J Leake, R Knibb, S Syrett (s) won 23-17; G King, N Plummer, G Booker, I Hathaway (s) lost 21-15. Overall score 38-38. (friendly): A Booker, M Hatch, R Hatch, P Skinner (s) won 29-13.


The Bitterns had an enjoyable game against Nyetimber, with some very close ends.

Each team won on one mat, with the total scores even, which meant three points apiece.

Scores: Joan Taylor, Les Howland, Charlie Threlkeld & Jim Saunders lost 23-17; Iris Brown, Jean Tolhurst, Geoff Brown & Roy Tolhurst won 21-15; (friendly) Vera Ashby, Ann Threlkeld, Stevie Brooks & Ted Murrell lost lost 29-13.

Crablands Auks hosted Midhurst Eagles and, again, each side took three points from a close encounter. On mat three Crablands won on 12 ends but by only one shot, 24-23. Mat two’s Crablands side won on 11 ends but the Eagles won by one shot, the Auks losing 16-15.


Fittleworth gained no points from their visit to Good-Woods for a league match, losing on both mats and also the friendly. The score was 65-25.

Scores: Jean Lucking, Peter Cook, Roger Lucking. Susan Judd lost 30-11; Audrey Hodgson, Gina Barnfield, Betty Williams, Charlie Martin lost 35-14.


Arun 148 Arundel 103

Arundel’s outdoor bowlers were the visitors to Arun for a six-rink mixed friendly.

Many of the Arundel team also play indoors at Arun, so the atmosphere was friendly but with a competitive edge. Arun won by 45 shots.

Scores: F Smith, J Simmons, P Jones, D Spink won 32-20; O Fidgeon,

C Chester, B Fitch, R Wiedenhoef won 16-14; S Pugh, N Bashford, B Sandford, D Latter won 24-13; B Why, K Burnard, J Taffurelli, A Humphrey lost 25-15;

R Lincoln, Y Stewart, J Marrs,

M English won 32-11; G Humphreys,

A Avery, B Jones, J Lindley won 29-20.

Arun 184

Sutton & District 76

There was an overwhelming victory for Arun in a six-rink men’s friendly.

Arun won on five rinks and lost on just one for a 108-shot victory. Rink five for Arun managed a hotshot.

Sutton were missing some of their better players.

Scores: G Whitaker, D Taffurelli,

M Johnson, E Mitchell won 31-11;

P Green, D Gray, K Burt, PJ White won 33-12; D Parker, W Branford,

R Humphrey, R Gardner won 33-12;

J Swannell, N Waddock, A Bowler,

J Larkin lost 17-14; J Olliver, M Philpot, J Greenfield, L Corne won 39-14;

N Short, T Rexstrew, J Saunders,

JP Brown won 34-10.

Arun Ladies 145 Horsham 65

This was another very good win for Arun ladies in their league match at home to Horsham .

They won on all six rinks 11 more points. Arun won by 80 shots.

Scores: D Anderson, G Conley,

B Collins, A Janman won 33-10;

J Foster, M Bacon, J Taffurelli, D Latter won 23-12; D Mitchell, E Tooley,

M King, C Horsley won 22-9; C Hobbs, L Napper, S Hart, M Richards won

24-12; L Curtis, E Cooke, S Miles,

W Adams won 18-14; D Rampton,

I Brooker, P Terry,

M Brown won 25-8.

Atherley 104

Arun Ladies 130

Arun Ladies played Atherley away in a very hard game.

Arun were unable to get the weight of the surface but won on three rinks out of six.

Scores: S Pugh, S Simmonds,

U Greenaway, M Richards lost 23-18;

D Anderson, A Parsons, M Phillips,

B Spicer won 21-16; C Hobbs, E Fitch, P Terry, M Brown lost 23-9; O Fidgeon, A Olliver, R Wiedenheoft, G Conley lost 27-10; P Rampton, P Friday, B Collins, W Adams won 31-10; D Mitchell,

S Jones, L Napper, B Jones won 31-5.