Incredible Haulkham lifts West Sussex bowlers

Ben Haulkham was the Observer player of the match for West Sussex Premier
Ben Haulkham was the Observer player of the match for West Sussex Premier

It was three wins out of three as the West Sussex teams hit the short mats.

The Premier team travelled to Melksham to play Dorset in a preliminary KO round match.

They started slowly, but ran out winners by 23-17 to earn a quarter-final tie against Oxford.

In the singles Mel Lillywhite of The Martlets lost 17-11 and won 16-15. In the pairs Midhurst’s Roger Brown won 17-9 and 17-4. In the triples Marc Lancaster and Kyle McGowan of The Martlets won 14-6 and drew 11-11 while in the other triple club-mate Chris Blackman won 12-11 and 10-7.

In the fours the Lavant trio of Peter Whale, John Heasman and Peter Winter drew 8-8 and lost 7-5 while in the other four club-mate Rob Peirce lost 13-4 and won 14-9.

The Chichester Observer Player of the Match was Ben Haulkham of Slinfold Infinity (below).

The A team travelled to High Wycombe for a preliminary KO match against Canbridge and scraped home by one shot for the closest win overall by 21-19. They now go on to a quarter-final against Cheshire.

In the triples the Bognor combination of Eric and Brenda Jones with Brian Mills won 14-11 and 14-7 while in the other triple Lavant’s Ray Harding won 9-7 and lost 11-7. In the fours Bognor’s Derek Fair won 10-6 and 7-4 and Lavant’s John Simms drew 6-6 and lost 15-9.

The B team entertained East Sussex in a friendly and enjoyed a 34-6 victory.

In the singles Bognor’s Freddie Kaucher won 16-9 and 18-10. In the pairs Bognor’s Betty Williams and Marlene Steel won 17-5 and 20-12 while in the other pair Crablands’ Marie Nutt won 27-6 and lost 16-14.

In the triples Crablands’ Martin Hunt and Mollie Back with Lavant’s Lionel Kneale won 20-5 and 16-4. In the fours Bognor’s Pam Smith and Alan Nutt won 15-3 and 15-3.


Crablands Auks had a very good result when they visited Lavant Blue.

The Auks won 43-34 on the league mats to gain six points.

The friendly mat played well but lost.

Scores: Jim Tyrrell, Meg Pocock, Les Jewiss & Les Dray beat T Boxall, P Sharrod, C Beardmore, J Conway 24-16; Denis Dray, Val Tyrrell, Marie Nut & Ron Coombes beat J Sharrod, B Wallsgrove, M Winter, J Lee 19-18; (friendly): Colin Garland, Ted Murrell, Ron Osborn & Mollie Back lost 26-21 to J Heasman, S Meyer, P Lee, M Keane.

In the club’s internal leagues, Monday leaders are the C team, who have Jim Saunders and Joyce Heritage as joint captains.

Wednesday leaders are the I team, with Alan Bateman and Joyce Heritage joint captains. And Friday leaders are the V team, for whom Brian Berry and John Harman are joint captains.

Crablands C beat Crablands A 37-36 and are through to the semi-finals of the club’s knockout competition.

Scores: Colin Garland, Lew Lewenden, Derek Eggleton & Ron Coombes lost 22-12; Ted Murrell, Denise Dray, Les Jewiss & Les Dray won 25-14.

In the friendly Joyce Abel, Peter Latchford & Mollie Back won 24-16.

Crablands’ short mat group had an enjoyable afternoon with the tennis section Members in a mixed-team bowls and tennis fun day.

The F team – Dawn Hayton, Trevor Plaistow, Lew lewenden and Iris Brown – won the wine prize.

Team A – Scott Haygen, Barbara Bond, Marie Nutt and Les Howland – lost but had chocolate bars instead.


Lavant Green visited Crablands Bitterns.

Tony Bleach’s team shared the ends won, but a low scoring rate let them down. Bill Cooper’s team had a similar fate – from being two shots down after 16 ends, they scored only one more shot.

On the friendly mats, John Heasman’s team, scoring mainly single shots, lost in a low-scoring game, but Tony Boxall’s team struck the only gold in the night for a good win.

Scores: T Bleach, B Copeland, C Martin, M Lillywhite lost 27-12; B Cooper, V Frost, S Lillywhite, W Cooper lost 29-21; (friendlies) J Heasman, M Winter, M Bleach, C Beardmore lost 18-12; T Boxall, P Lillywhite, P Lee, J Lee won 29-10.

Lavant Blue visited Fittleworth. Tony Boxall’s team started well and were ahead on end 17, but six shots against them on end 19 was enough to take the game.

Jim Sharrod’s team had a slow start but got to 14-14 at 15 ends but lost on the last few.

On the friendly, Peter Winter’s team forged ahead after a slow start.

Scores: T Boxall, P Sharrod, C Bearsmore, J Conway lost 22-19, J Sharrod, B Wallsgrove, M Winter, J Lee lost 22-18; (friendly) P Winter, S Meyer, P Lee, K Fancy won 19-17.

Lavant visited Chilgrove in the second leg of four played over the season for the Golden Bowl trophy.

Peter Whale’s won by two shots, while Peter Winter’s won by 21.

Lavant won the leg 42-19 and after two of the four meetings lead 75-63.

Scores: P Whale, S Meyer, M Winter won 17-15; P Winter, R Peirce, K Fancy won 25-4.


Nyetimber Greens suffered another fruitless visit when they met Lavant Greens.

D Merritt, M Hatch, L Griffiths and C Searle (skip) lost 25-19 to M Lillywhite, S Lillywhite, V Copeland and T Bleach (skip). P Mussell, J Chaplain, M Biggs and A Guppy (skip) lost 25-11 to W Cooper, P Lillywhite, V Frost and B Cooper(s) for an overall score of 50-30.

On the friendly mat, T Algar, R Hatch, B Boiling and T Moore (skip) lost 21-12 to C Stubbs, P Lee, D Shears and K Fancy (skip).


Fittleworth won 39-27 at home to Crablands Auks in the league.

Fittleworth won 26-20 on the friendly mat.

Scores: Jean Lucking, Roger Lucking, Betty Williams, David Herbert beat Meg Pocock, Val Tyrrell, Lew Lewenden & Les Jewiss 19-16; Audrey Hodgson, Sheila Allen, Gina Barnfield, Charlie Martin beat Chris Lewenden, Yvonne Clifton, Ron Osborn & Les Dray 20-11.


King Alfred 109 Arun 114

Arun visited Hove for a six-rink men’s friendly, winning on three rinks, losing on two and drawing on one.

Arun came out on top shots overall in a very evenly-matched contest. King Alfred were nine shots ahead at the halfway stage but excellent teamwork by Arun saw them through.

Scores: A Avery, W Branford, D Ford, A Fisk lost 23-13, R Lincoln, D Parker, M Lewis, R Gardner won 25-12; J Smith, A Stewart, A Simmons, J Pickard won 19-15; B Why, B Lacy, M Johnson, D Spink won 21-14; R Langridge, J Watson, J Gilpin, J Muffett lost 25-16; J Olliver, N Waddock, B Sandford, B Napper drew 20-20.

Langney Sports 100 Arun 137

Having beaten Langney earlier in the season, Arun had high hopes – and that was justified as they won on four rinks and lost on only two.

An overall advantage of 37 shots secured nine league points.

Scores: R Leggett, R Hobbs, F Taylor, G Leaman won 24-18; J Olliver, D Sayers, E Dewing, M Bonnar lost 25-18; K Hellyer, A Simmons, D Ford, T Sayers won 27-13; P Whale, B Butler, B Horsley, B Talmage won 30-13; T Arnold, P Brooker, A Fisk, D Leach won 25-14; P Miles, I Harvey, A Bowler, L Corne lost 17-13.

Denton Isl 58 Arun 123

Arun ladies won their league match away to Denton, winning on all rinks to take 11 points.

Scores: Simmons, Cooke, Jones, Richards won 19-8; Mitchell, Brooker, Spicer, Adams won 16-9; Curtis, Napper, Greenaway, King won 19-9; Hobbs, Tooley, Collins, Janman won 25-15; Anderson, Morris, Taffurelli, Latter won 28-10; Foster, Stocker, Conley, Horsley won 16-7.

Arun 138 Victory 94

Arun ladies’ friendly at home to Victory saw them win on all but one rink.

Scores: Curtis, Pickard, Neil, Adams draw 16-16; Fricker, Fitch, Taffurelli, Brown won 27-11; Anderson, Brooker, Jones, Horsley lost 20-23; Mitchell, Hall, Napper, Richards won 24-12; Hobbs, Connors, Spicer, Miles won 26-12; Simmons, Olliver, Terry, Latter won 22-17.