Hockey: First game back brings perfect ten for Bognor ladies

Hockey’s back after its Christmas break and Bognor Town Ladies celebrated with double figures. Get involved in our coverage by sending your reports and team pictures to

Chichester Centurions 1 Bognor Town Ladies 10

Sussex Ladies’ League division one

Bognor dominated from the start and swiftly scored six goals from firm strikes at the top of the D.

Nicki Edge repeatedly swept the ball up to the midfield with strength and accuracy in 16-yard hit-outs, creating attacking opportunities - but several shots on goal were sent wide.

Bognor kept the pressure on and scored two more goals on rebounds from saves to extend their lead.

Centurions continued to work hard and their perseverance paid off when Louise Thew weaved past Bognor’s defenders to give Centurions their first goal, closing the first half 8-1 up.

The second half began with Bognor scoring from a quick attacking run but Centurions moved up a gear, dominating the majority of the half.

Defender Debbie Brown showed pace to press forward to support attacking runs, while Louise Harris and Dawn Brooker worked well in tandem to penetrate the Bognor defence.

Centurions looked like they’d be rewarded with more goals but shots were either saved or off-target. Further Bognor attacks were repelled by the Centurions defence, with goalkeeper Louise Hurford sweeping a high strike with her glove over the top of the goal.

Minutes later, Bognor slipped in another goal.

Just before the final whistle, Centurions were awarded a short corner which they were unable to convert. This was a tough result for Centurions against talented Bognor but Centurions showed strong skills and remained positive and committed.

CENTURIONS: Lucy Sarson, Vicki Wake, Louise Thew, Claire Mealing, Nicki Edge, Debbie Brown, Dawn Brooker, Louise Hurford, Louise Harris, Pat Simmonds, Anna Pordage.

Horsham IV 0 Chichester PP Ladies 1

Chichester were on top from the start, passing well and creating plenty of chances.

Fantastic defending was shown by captain Tina Keartland and Mel Reeves and Mel Howarth also contributed to the cause.

Width given by Lottie Greenlees and Hollie Gyles gave Sarah Jessop more space to pressurise the home side. Chichester were in control for most of the first half.

In the second half, Horsham attacked and forced Chichester to concentrate and keep cool heads.

Eventually, Jessop scored a superb individual goal - a fantastic team effort.

CHICHESTER: Ruth Duckers, Mel Reeves, Mel Howarth, Lottie Greenlees, Alice Shoebridge, Hollie Gyles, Sarah Jessop, Tracy Austin, Meg Goring, Tina Keartland, Emma Bain. 

The next day, Chichester lost to Bognor in the cup.

Chichester Canons 0 Lewes Lionesses 3

The Canons were raring to go after the festive break against the league leaders.

Having lost 8-0 last time, the girls were keen to claw back the advantage.

Horton played up front, giving the team extra firepower alongside Gleeson and Rose, who created fantastic chances which were soaked up by the Lewes keeper.

The midfield of Binning, Rose and Chamberlain worked tirelessly to feed the forwards, absorbing the Lewes pressure. Lewes regrouped and made some key substitutions just before half-time which saw a breakaway goal put them 1-0 up.

Lewes settled in the second half but the Canons’ defensive trio of Burley, Soden-Bridger and Stemp held their ground.

Lewes stepped up the pressure, setting free their county player, who capitalised on a solo run to score their second.

The Canons responded with some great link play but Lewes countered with a third goal ten minutes from the end.

The Canons put up an excellent fight and special mention should be made to player of the match Lonsdale, whose debut in goal featured some cracking saves, reflecting the great potential starting to build within this development side.

* Chichester’s men’s first XI are back in South Open Premier division one action this Saturday (Jan 18) when they host eastbourne at Kingsham (1.30pm) - all support welcome.