Hockey: Chichester are the poor relations at Richmond

Matt Cox in action for Chichester's first XI
Matt Cox in action for Chichester's first XI

Chichester’s first XI slipped to sixth place in the south open premier division after a disapointing 3-1 defeat at Richmond.

Andrew Sparshott scored the visitors’ only goal but it was not enough to stop the hosts notching a win that took them into third place.

Chichester will aim to put it behind them when they host Brighton at Kingsham this Saturday (1.30pm).

Chichester II 3 Bank Of England 2

Chichester cashed in on Bank of England’s generosity at the back to bounce back from a defeat and keep up the pressure at the top.

After a pretty pedestrian first half, Chichester start to press and a short corner was flicked in by Strudwick.

One became two with Barnes firing in a reverse-stick shot. Sloppy defending allowed Bank of England to grab a goal.

Strudwick settled nerves with another flick from a short corner. An unfortunate slip from Holten allowed a Bank of England forward a one-on-one with keeper Gotham which he tucked away.

Chichester now sit top of the table.

Winchester III 3 Chichester IV 1

Winchester scored from a brilliant corner, fooling the Chichester defence. Chichester fought back and McCartin found space at the top of the box, calmly slotting the ball under the keeper.

Had it not been for Torrance between the posts, Chichester could have folded.

Winchester showed their class with another good short corner putting them ahead again, then scored again.

CHICHESTER: Torrance, Whittle, A Simmonds, White, Worthen, Steely, Durrant, Waters, Tracy, M Simmonds, McCartin, Gammon.

Mid Sussex 5 Chichester PP Ladies II 2

Chichester’s excellent tackling kept Mid Sussex at bay for the first 20 minutes.

The home side breached Chichester’s defence and were awarded several short corners from which they scored one goal, adding another from open play. Chichester’s efforts led to a goal by Hudson but the home side made it 3-1. Helme put the ball in net to make it 3-2.

Chichester lost their way and the hosts increased their lead further.

CHICHESTER: Hlynianski, Banks, Howarth, Rich, Kastelein, Marks, Helme, Austin, Hudson, Thew, Greenlees, Boonen-Vases, Chaplin, Holden.

Centurions 3 Burgess Hill Ladies 3

Ladies’ Sussex League

Burgess Hill slotted the first goal, but Centurions rallied and denied them with fine saves from Hedge and Brown making her first of four saves off the line.

An error led to a second Burgess Hill goal and a third went in when Hedge was drawn from her goal.

A long corner to Burgess Hill was well defended by Proctor with a quick pass to Mealing, leading to a goal back.

Centurions came out determined and their attacking play led to corners and a chance for Johnston on the post. Burgess Hill gained the attack and Edge made an important save on the line.

Proctor’s solid defending was backed up by Edge, Hedge, Brooker and Brown, who dealt with six short corners.

Brooker took the ball to Centurions D and found Thew who made no mistake for 3-2. Eames soon followed with a good clearance to Mealing and a slip to Thew, who again found the back of the goal.

CENTURIONS: C Hedge, M Harbord, L Proctor, L Thew, C Mealing, M Johnston, N Williams, D Brown, D Brooker, A Pordage, N Edge, K Eames.

Chichester Bad Habits 2 Burgess Hill 1

Despite a superb opening ten minutes, Chichester were 1-0 down at half-time.

But after the break Sarah Pack produced two spectacular goals. A solid defence kept Burgess Hill at bay.

BAD HABITS: A Darke, S Pack, Chris R, Chris P, T Willway, C Gilmour, E Bain, E Cruttenden, S Lake, L McKie, R Duckers, J Cleghorn, K Cosens, S Stannett.

Chichester Chipmunks 1 St Francis II 4

Chichester could not convert their chances and St Francis pulled into a two-goal lead. Creswick and Gleeson forced saves before the St Francis centre-half slotted home.

Chichester reacted quickly with a goal from Toby Hindmarsh.

The second half’s only goal fell to St Francis. Chichester still lie in mid-table.

n Chichester Cherubs lost 2-0 to Worthing Wolves in the Sussex Development League. The Cherubs performed extremely well but giving away cheap possession cost them.